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  1. Brandon

    That’s an excellent suggestion. I went to the pool barge in Berlin (the badeschiff) a couple of years ago. It’s phenomenal. Definitely push for that in Paris!

  2. Brandon


    I’m sorry, but you’re in Paris. If you’re bored, then you’re doing it wrong.

    • Michelle Young

      haha you’re 100% right. taking a sweet deal in the poshest neighborhood in paris can turn you from a rockstar to a housewife, quickly. but every parisian knows paris is nowhere to be in the summer, so stay tuned for exclusive photo shoots from private islands off the south of france and brittany. for a cool event in paris that i attended in june, check out the Dîner en Blanc and i’ll be covering the paris plage (the temporary summer beaches on the seine in paris) this week!

      • Brandon

        Ah, the plage! I read about it last year, but would love to catch your version. Will look for it soon!

      • Michelle Young

        cool! yeah, i’ve only seen pictures and it’s such a great idea. i did a design project this year suggesting that part of the seine in industrial vitry-sur-seine just outside paris be converted into a plage AND convert a barge into a pool! i’m dying to go in a pool barge, like they have in berlin and nyc.

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