The Paris Dîner en Blanc 2011

05/02/2011 at 4:33 pm

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by michelle young

This year’s  Dîner en Blanc is rumored to be one of the most exceptional yet. The invite list has been reduced to accommodate the exclusivity of this year’s to-be-announced location. There will be 8,000 guests, as compared to the 14,000 last year. Untapped will there to provide a full report,  like last year. [Update: Photos from this year’s Diner en Blanc at the Cour Carrée du Louvre)

Like always, everything is a surprise except for the date: June 16, 2011. The location is communicated by paper as the buses are en route to the destination, and in the discreet French style nobody breaks the secret by yelling excitedly where we’re headed. The only rules: dress white, bring table, chairs, white tablecloth and a picnic. The old school band(s) will be back for the evenings music. Last year, a dance party broke out in the Tuileries. What will happen this year? Here’s a look back to where the Dîner en  Blanc has been over the years.


  1. Haybrorhodes says:

    I live in San Francisco, and I heard there is an event in October. Is there any possible way we could attend? It sounds like an unbelievable experience? Can you put me on the mailing list please? haybrorhodes@gmail.com

  2. bruna says:

    ok , tks!!!

  3. bruna says:

    yes, i do have my registration code. but just to be clear, we need to bring our own table, food and drinks right?

    • michelle young says:

      That’s correct. I’m not sure about the alcohol rules in NYC, perhaps there will be drinks sold.

  4. bruna says:

    hi, i’m on the waiting list for the diner in blanc in nyc . However, im confused about what do we need to do, and bring to the dinner.

    • michelle young says:

      You should have received a registration code if you were on the waiting list. The signups open today at 2pm but you must be quick. If you make the list, you will then receive instructions on the dinner.

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  10. Elle Starr says:

    Please put me on the mailing list.
    Thank you
    Ellen Starr

  11. My wife and I are certainly interested in attending on August 25.
    How do we get an invitation?
    Where will it be held?

    • michelle young says:

      Sign up at newyork.dinerenblanc.info to get notified about the signups for the dinner. The location is always announced last minute, known only to the group organizers.

  12. My wife and I are certainly interested in participating on August 25.
    How do we get an invitation.
    And where will it be held?

  13. Davis Bradley says:

    I’ve been trying for 6 years without any luck. It’s practically impossible unless you’re connected to the right family or you know a local politician.

    • michelle young says:

      It’s definitely true in Paris, unfortunately. I’m hoping for interesting things in NYC.

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  15. Natalie Rekstad-Lynn says:

    I am in town this year for diner en blanc – how do I get an invitation? Merci!

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