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The New York Times recently published images by 93-year old photographer Walter Chandoha who documented New York City’s Pennsylvania Station and its commuters two decades before the demolition. Chandoha was a student at NYU on the G.I. Bill in the 1940s and shot with a Rolliflex camera. He tells the Times, ““When I look at the pictures now and I see the magnificence of it, I think, How could anybody knock this thing down? It’s like knocking down the Colosseum or the Brandenburg Gate. It’s impossible to imagine.”

Fans of vintage era clothing, accessories and automobiles will get a kick out of the photos featured in the Times: 

Penn Station-Walter Chandoha-Vintage Photo-Demolition-NYC-5

Penn Station-Walter Chandoha-Vintage Photo-Demolition-NYC

Penn Station-Walter Chandoha-Vintage Photo-Demolition-NYC-3

Penn Station-Walter Chandoha-Vintage Photo-Demolition-NYC-4

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All images by Walter Chandoha.

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  1. Georges says:

    You can get a glimpse of the Old Penn Station with a miniature version of it in Ottawa, ON:

    The station in Ottawa is now the “Government Conference Centre” and the main conference area (previously the main departure hall) is similar to the departures hall of the old New York Penn Station; both were based on the Great Hall of the Roman Baths of Caracalla.

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