We’ve been noticing a trend lately of places that double as coffee shops and some other kind of shop. It got us wondering, is a good old cuppa joe not enough anymore? Are people so busy that they need to get their coffee and their floral arrangements in the same place? Or are shop owners just so ambitious that they can’t satisfy themselves by only focusing on one thing?

Whatever the answer, we have to admit that these shops are doing something right, and presenting us with some fun and quirky new ways to caffeinate ourselves. From a surf shop/coffee shop to an art gallery/coffee shop, here are 8 of the most interesting examples in NYC. If you know one that isn’t on this list, leave us a comment!

1. Surf Shop/Coffee Shop: Saturdays Surf NYC


If you happen to need a surfboard along with your espresso, Saturdays Surf NYC in Soho is the place to go. Their coffee counter is right next to a display of surfboards. The shop also sells men’s clothes, surf gear, accessories and books. In the warmer months, grab a macchiato and head out back to sit in the courtyard. Saturdays also made our list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (for Design Buffs). They’ve got a West Village location too. 

2. Flower Shop/Coffee Shop: Spina

Spina flower shop coffee shop Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

This pint-sized shop has got you covered if you need to pick up a bouquet for someone special or just a potted plant for your own home. Recently opened in Greenpoint, Spina serves Blue Bottle coffee and doughnuts from Dough. With its painted tin ceiling and flowers brightening up the minimal design, Spina made our list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Brooklyn (for Design Buffs). There are only a few seats here, so it’s best if you’re planning to grab a coffee to go.

3. Motorcycle Shop/Coffee Shop: Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles-Grand Street-Bedford Avenue-Williamsburg-Coffee Shop-Brooklyn-NYC_8-1

One of our favorites on this list, Jane Motorcycles was born out of the desire to have a motorcycle shop where people could hang out and admire the bikes without feeling pressured to buy. Owners Adam and Alex love to talk with motorcycle buffs about the bikes in the shop, some of which they built themselves. They sell men’s clothes and gear, grooming products, and books. The coffee counter serves Parlor coffee and there’s free wifi, making this a great place to hang out.

4. Bookshop/Coffee Shop: Toby’s Estate + The Strand

Toby's Estate + The Strand bookshop coffee shop combo Flatiron Manhattan NYC Untapped Cities

The bookshop/coffee shop combination is pretty standard, and there are several of them in NYC. What we love about this place is Toby’s excellent coffee (some of the best in the city) coupled with a beautiful space to browse for books. The combination seems like the perfect extension of Toby’s Williamsburg location, where the New York Times is always laying around on the big table, so freelancers can take a break from working on laptops to read the paper.

5. Record Shop/Coffee Shop: Black Gold

Combination Coffee Shops-Black Gold Records-Cobble Hill-Vinyl-Brooklyn-NYC_1

Black Gold was recently featured in our list of 5 Record Stores in NYC Where You Can Still Get Vinyl. Originally, Sommer Foster-Santoro wanted to open a coffee shop, while her co-owner Jeff Ogiba wanted to open a record shop. Luckily for us, they decided to combine them. They also sell taxidermy and a variety of antiques, from Victorian-era pieces to mid-century modern. You can grab a coffee by the counter and sit in the front window.

6. Game Shop/Coffee Shop: The Brooklyn Strategist

Combination Coffee Shops-Strategist Cafe-Cobble Hill-Brooklyn-NYC

The Brooklyn Strategist in Carroll Gardens runs after school programs for kids by day and becomes a BYOB game center for adults by night. They have over 350 board games, including rare and out of print games. Kids can learn card games, ancient strategy games, chess, checkers, role playing games, and more. For adults, there are trivia games, Dungeons & Dragons tournaments, a fantasy sport club and more. They serve French press coffee, teas, old fashioned sodas and snacks.

7. Chocolate Shop/Coffee Shop: Mariebelle

Mariebelle chocolate shop Soho NYC Untapped Cities

Reminiscent of fancy chocolate shops in Paris, Mariebelle in Soho sells gourmet chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, and hot chocolate. If you walk through the chocolate shop, in the back you’ll find a cacao bar and tea salon that serves coffee and tea as well as their hot (or iced) chocolate, pastries and sandwiches.

8. Art Gallery/Coffee Shop: Hôtel Particulier

Hotel Particulier gallery cafe Soho NYC Untapped Cities

Inspired by the French tradition of hospitality, Hôtel Particuler in Soho serves coffee, tea and buns from a bakery in nearby Chinatown. The space, which was originally a loading dock, doubles as an art gallery with rotating exhibitions and a shop with curated items, like design books, jewelry, perfume and accessories. For a $45 day membership, you can use the communal work space, unlimited wifi, printing/scanning facilities and order off the a la carte menu. You can make a reservation by emailing work@hotelparticulier.com or calling (646) 329-6341 between 10 am and 7pm.

BONUS–Gift Shop/Clothing Boutique/Coffee Shop: Jill Lindsey

Jill Lindsey-Fort Greene-Brooklyn-Clothing Boutique-Coffee Shop-Yoga-Classes-NYC

At Jill Lindsey, a clothing boutique in Fort Greene, there’s more than meets the eye. Designer Jill Lindsey runs the boutique and can be often found behind the coffee counter in the back. Serving coffee from Irving Farm, you can also drink alcohol here from the list of bio-dynamic wines and craft beer. This is all to make the space more of a hangout than a store, and the events calendar attests with dinners, language classes, yoga, wine tastings and more. With wi-fi to boot and craft tables, it’s a nice spot to work and observe the community.

Also check out our Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (For Design Buffs) and our Top 10 Coffee Shops in Brooklyn (For Design Buffs). Get in touch with the author @lauraitzkowitz.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Another game shop/coffee shop combo is The Uncommons at 230 Thompson Street, in what used to be the Village Chess Shop. Lots and lots of board and card games.

  2. Bobby says:

    There’s also Sweetleaf in Long Island City (SweetleafLIC.com), which has a record room in the back as well as a laptop room and dining room in the front.

  3. Filip says:

    Parlor Coffee inside Persons of Interest barber shop in Williamsburg! http://parlorcoffee.com/ and http://personsofinterestbklyn.com/

  4. brian says:

    I would also add Fair Folks & a Goat [96 W Houston / http://www.fairfolksandagoat.com

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