bmt fleet elevated transit museum-NYC-Untapped CitiesThe BMT Triplex car circa 1960. Image via nycsubway.com

This Saturday, the New York Transit Museum will take you back in time. Provided you catch the train. Introducing Nostalgia Rides, a series of exhibitions of the Museum’s vintage subway cars, buses, and other forms of transportation that New Yorkers used in the early 20th century, long since retired. Saturday’s event, a journey to Coney Island on a collection of Independent Subway System (IND) R 1-9 cars and Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation (BMT) D-Type Triplex cars together as a single train, will depart at 11 am from the Transit Museum.

independent fleet subway transit vintage-NYC-Untapped CitiesThe ‘City-Car,’ restored in 2001. Image via nycsubway.com

nostalgia trains transit museum coney island-NYC-Untapped CitiesThe ‘City-Car’ interior. Image courtesy the New York Transit Museum

In preparation for the event, the Museum painstakingly restored its vintage subway cars. The IND R1-9 “City-Car” models, in service from 1932 to 1977, feature rattan seats, paddle fans, and incandescent light bulbs, all common sights on the city’s subway cars before World War II. The BMT D-Type Triplex models, in service from 1925 to 1965, featured a walkway between cars and soundproofing and lighting systems that were revolutionary for the wooden cars that usually ran on the city’s above-ground subway lines.

Tickets for all ages are available here.

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