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Alice Perez, is not your typical California girl, she is a girl with an adventurous spirit, exploring new places and ideas, knowing there is always something more out there to discover” ¦ She attends Portland State University, studying Communication and Writing. On her down time she enjoys going on long runs among the tall fir trees of Portland, Oregon, where she lives.

Yarn Bombing LA

On Untapped Cities, we previously featured the yarn bombing trend in NYC with Olek and other artists. The street art trend has also made its way to Los Angeles. Until recently on Museum Row, 15,000 crocheted granny squares were on the façade of the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) made by a crew of a guerrilla knitters called Yarn Bombing Los Angeles. We recently visited the CAFAM Granny Squared Project and talked with Carol Zou from Yarn Bombing LA about their work.

Untapped: How would you describe yarn bombing?

Yarn Bombing is the transformation of urban space through attaching knit material to public structures, such as a bench, parking meter, or light post. Magda Sayeg from Austin, Texas is credited with the first contemporary yarnbomb, and it has quickly spread to other cities such as Knit the City in London, Knit the Bridge most recently in Pittsburgh, etc.. [Editor’s note:


Bringing Back Broadway-Los Angeles-Rendering

The “Bringing Back Broadway” campaign aims to revitalize downtown Los Angeles by tapping into the city’s historical core. Plans include restoring historic theaters, designing more pedestrian-friendly streets, and installing a streetcar. The “Broadway Streetscape Master Plan,” finalized in February this year by City Planning, is one of LA’s first examples of a “Complete Street” project. The initial stages of the project will launch Fall 2013, costing about $1.2 million.



Portland, Oregon is famous for a number of things–but did you know that it is also known for being a mecca for cyclists as well? While cities like New York have only just started to get on the biking bandwagon, Portland has been consistently appearing on the top five lists of every possible biking blog and magazine as “America’s Bicycle Capital.” But some bikers in Portland consider their bikes to be more than just a means of transport–these entrepreneurial spirits have started businesses on their bikes! Here’s a look at some of Portland’s most innovative bike businesses. (more…)

Mad Men PDX

With the release of the new The Great Gatsby movie, the Roaring ’20s are making a full-fledged comeback, even in the corner of America  known as Portland, Oregon. Walking in the door of the vintage barbershop, The Modern Man, visitors will leave behind the hustle and bustle of the digital era and enter into another era.  “My bet is that they will never have visited a shop like ours before and that’s what we want,” said The Modern Man founder Chris Espinoza. A time when flappers roamed the streets smoking cigarettes, jazz was king, and speakeasys were the place to be during the Prohibition Era. “This is where a kid becomes a man,” said barber Chase Danielle.


What do men with conjoined beards, jars of pickled vegetable, houses blooming out of flowers, a superhero-like beluga whale, and pair of coffee-loving mermaids have in common? They are all the whimsical artwork of Portland-based illustrator Brooke Weeber, the creator of The Little Canoe. According to the artist’s website she began drawing at an early age and pursued her passion for drawing at high school and in college; she received her BFA in painting at the University of Oregon. She traded her Northwest roots for New York City, where she pursued her other passion of professional baking. After some time she began to miss her Douglas fir trees and wished for more elbow room to draw so she packed her bags and headed for Portland in 2009.
The Little Canoe - Brooke Weeber illustration


Oxford Christ Church Alice in Wonderland

The city of Oxford and Christ Church were inspirations behind Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Like the story of a curious girl named Alice who followed a White Rabbit down a rabbit-hole into the upside down world of Wonderland, I too found myself following in the footsteps of Alice to Oxford, England, the birthplace of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In 1851, young Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson (aka Lewis Carroll) came to study mathematics at Christ Church in Oxford, where he would later meet his muse, Alice Liddell, the daughter of a Dean at Christ Church. Alice Liddell was the ‘real Alice’ and the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  and Through the Looking Glass.  (more…)