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In addition to its many other attractions, New York City features ten major stadiums for sporting events, concerts, parades, and more. Many of these stadiums boast rich histories, some going back more than a century, and little-known features that surprise New Yorkers and visitors alike. The above infographic, created by InterContinental Hotels Group, offers NYC visitors facts and tidbits of information about New York City’s stadiums and tips for finding nearby entertainment.

For instance, did you know that there have been four versions of the iconic Madison Square Garden across three different New York locations? There’s a chance it may move again, too. It’s also where the legendary Michael Jordan played his first professional basketball game, scoring an impressive 33 points as the Bulls faced off against the Knicks. Barclays Center, designed in part by SHoP Architects, is the first entertainment venue in the New York metropolitan area to carry the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver Certification.


Brooklyn House Tour photo by Brownstoner

Brooklyn House Tour photo by Brownstoner

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You need apartment insurance. You know you need apartment insurance. So you finally call that 800 number you keep seeing in commercials.

National Insurance Carrier: “Thank you for calling National Insurance Company! What can I help you with?”

You: “I’m looking for renters insurance for my apartment. In New York.”

National Insurance Carrier: “No problem. Just a few questions to ask. How old is your boiler?”

You: “Um, did I mention I live in an apartment in New York? How would I know how old the boiler is?”

National Insurance Carrier: “We’ll come back to that question. Do you have a finished or unfinished basement?”

You: “I don’t even know if there is a basement…”

You can’t blame them. The majority of people calling a national 800 number for insurance for their homes probably live in the suburbs, in single-family residences. Here in New York City, though, the situation is different. Most of us live in multi-family buildings with older infrastructure. Everything costs more here — rents, maintenance fees, labor costs — and that means your insurance needs are different.

If you’re looking for an insurance company that takes the headache out of apartment insurance, and really understands the insurance needs of the New York apartment renter, look no further than Gotham Brokerage. Gotham has over fifty years of experience working with New Yorkers, so they can easily pinpoint what the costs of rebuilding and replacement would be. (more…)


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Do you know NYC like the back of your hand? Does every chef know you on a first-name basis? Well then, it’s about time someone rewarded you for your expertise.

Zagat is looking for local experts to review New York City restaurants. Simply share your recent dining experiences and receive eight weeks of free New York Times access. Your comments may also be quoted as part of the next Zagat signature review.

Plus Zagat will send you your 2016 NYC Restaurants guide for free as a thanks for participating, perfect for planning your next night out on the town.

Now when someone asks why you stay out so late every night, you can say, “I’M WORKING.”

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The hottest borough in NYC finally has the tourism website it deserves.

On May 9, 2014, at the BKLYN Designs fair, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Brooklyn technology firm BlankSlate, officially launched Explore Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s first dedicated tourism site. ExploreBK.com brings together a dynamic, front-page directory of every business and attraction in Brooklyn, an events calendar, and a blog about don’t-miss destinations written by the area’s best local writers — all designed to serve as an invaluable resource for visitors and residents alike.

Explore Brooklyn kicked off its blog with the post “What to do after you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge,” a question many of you may have answered for visiting friends, or tourists wandering around Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. This is followed by posts telling visitors how to get to the borough by boat, where to take and rent a bike, and what to do in every neighborhood.

“We don’t want all those visitors walking across the bridge to turn around and go back to Manhattan,” explained Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Carlo Scissura. “We want them to stay a while and get to know the Brooklyn that we know and love.”