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Charlie Grosso has often being accused of being a spy when she is on the road. She is a multi-track career hybrid (the perfect cover) whose primary concern is story-telling, creating connections and problem solving. Her long list of disguises include, advertising and fine art photographer, creative director, art gallery director, adventurer, fire starter, world traveler, writer, and brand consultant. She was the only woman to complete The Mongol Rally alone in 2012. Her photographic work has been published and exhibited world wide. Travel + Escape dubbed Ms. Grosso a New Nomad and she is featured in their new web series. Her 6 week drive from Prague to Ulaanbaatar is featured by Intrepid Travel and Afar.

Team Rwanda Untapped CitiesSource: Team Rwanda

Over the course of one hundred days in 1994, one million people were massacred in the Rwandan Genocide. The bicycle became not only a mode of transit, but a means of survival. In the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” farmers raced barefoot down hillsides on bikes loaded with a hundred pounds of potatoes, taxi drivers peddled across villages with women and children in tow, and in back alleys children played with bent bicycle wheels. But they never cycled competitively until Jonathan “Jock” Boyer, the first American to compete in the Tour de France, came to coach Team Rwanda, the country’s first national cycling team.

Rwandan cyclist Adrien Niyonshuti lost sixty of his family members. He started cycling in 2003 and rode a mountain bike for the first time in 2006, catching up to Jock and a winning a local race. In 2011, Adrien qualified for the Olympics, sending shock waves through the international community.