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La Rosa Negra takes Hania “The Howling Huntress” by the hair.La Rosa Negra takes Hania “The Howling Huntress” by the hair. All photos by Chris Ragalie.

Certainly women have wrestled in Brooklyn before, but not like this. On a balmy night in May wrestling fans packed the Ludus Wrestling Center to see history being made at VALKYRIE, the first professional women’s wrestling event in New York City. With female wrestling banned throughout the city for fifty years until 1972, it’s taken a while for female wrestlers to catch up to their male counterparts. VALKYRIE aimed to showcase the sport in a serious, competitive atmosphere the likes of WWE.



In her book Holy Days author Lis Harris documents a Hasidic family in 1980s Crown Heights. On her frequent trips to the neighborhood, Harris describes the wonderfully unique and enigmatic houses on President Street near Kingston Avenue. We took the subway to Crown Heights to photograph the houses for ourselves.