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“Why is everyone in costume today?” A cab driver asked us on our way to the Jacob K. Javits Center Saturday afternoon. He must be new to the city, because for the last six years, October has meant one thing to a section of people in New York City: Comic-Con. It’s an event we look forward to mostly because of cosplayers who spend all year crafting incredibly detailed costumes. Last year, we shared with you 10 Great Cosplay Moments from the 2015 convention and this year we are sharing 10 more. If you missed out on Comic-Con, here are some photos to inspire you to make next year’s convention and perhaps to make some cosplay of your own.


Last year, French street artist JR installed a massive public installation on the side of 100 Franklin Street, in Tribeca. The 75-foot tall piece, of a ballerina in midair, taken from his 2014 documentary Les Bosquet, has mostly disappeared. Less than a year after the ballerina went up, JR and his team went back to Tribeca to install a new piece over the old one. The piece “Unframed, Ellis Island” is 95-feet tall and is a blown-up photograph of a group of immigrants on Ellis Island in 1908. In this one-minute time-lapse video, you get to see how JR and his staff install the wheat-pasted work of art, one piece at a time. In 2014, JR placed pieces in abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island. He would later film a documentary titled Ellis, featuring Robert DeNiro, actor and head of the Tribeca Film Festival.


Untapped Cities-Jean Michel Basquait-NYC-NOHO-gvshp-art

Before Jay-Z was letting his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, lean on one of his paintings, or before Uniqlo started selling T-Shirts of his designs, Jean-Michel Basquiat was just another artist in the Greenwich Village, trying to make a living. He lived on 57 Great Jones Street, in a small building that once belonged to Andy Warhol.

Today, the small building that once housed one of the most popular artists in the world is now a Japanese restaurant. Thousands of people walk by it everyday, unaware of the history and stories that this small building in NoHo has within its walls. Now, people will no longer be unaware, because on July 13th, The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation unveiled a plaque near the front door of the loft building not only with Basquiat’s name, but with a few words describing what the late artist, who died in 1988, meant to the neighborhood. (more…)

Star Trek-Intrepid Museum-Star Fleet Academy-Untapped Cities

If at anytime in the last 50 years you have found yourself saying “the lives of the many out-weigh the lives of the few,” “you have and will always be my friend,” or “live long and prosper,” you have Star Trek to thank for that. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum has opened an interactive exhibit celebrating the history of the Star Trek franchise.

Located on Pier 86 and occupying 2,000 square feet of space, Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience gives fans (or Trekkies) the opportunity to see original costumes from the many Star Trek series and feature films and also gives them the chance to be what they’ve always wantedmembers of Starfleet.  (more…)

NYCHOS-Untapped-Sigmund Freud-NYC-Flatiron Plaza-Street ArtStreet Artist NYCHOS and the Great Grandson of Sigmund Freud Dominic Freud

A 10-foot-tall, 3D sculpture of Sigmund Freud and his couch are currently on display inside the Flatiron Plaza. The sculpture by famous Austrian artists NYCHOS, shows the Father of Psychoanalysis dissected, his brain literally popping out of skull. Known mostly for painting murals that show the dissection of animals and pop-culture icons, the piece, titled “Vienna Therapy” is NYCHOS’ largest sculpture to date. (more…)

Untapped Cities-HALO-MSG-Penn Station-Brooklyn Capital Partners Image via AE Superlab

In the latest development in the much-discussed redevelopment of Penn Station, Brooklyn Capital Partners has proposed a giant free fall tower ride atop Madison Square Garden or the James A. Farley Post office. As reported by the Daily News, the “Halo” would be the “world’s tallest giant free fall tower ride,” if built at 1,200 feet tall with 11 gondolas. The ride, priced at $35, would go up to 100 miles per hour, with speeds adjustable by the riders. Lease of the space, which the developers project at $38 million, would help fund the rehabilitation of Penn Station.