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Traveling fanatic and ski addict Cindy lives in the SOMA area of San Francisco. Following in a five generation tradition of Californians she loves the history of her state and the inanity of her town. Cindy left the University of California with a degree in Landscape Architecture and never did anything with it. She loves to wander the streets of the world with her camera seeing what others do not. You can find her rambling thoughts of art and architecture at www.ArtandArchitecture-SF.com

This year's SOMArts Day of the Dead exhibition takes on a new twist with the theme "Calling On The Spirits To Face the Future" - challenging the artists to bring the centuries-old tradition of building altars fused with sentiments on the present state of life and politics. Read more.
The CHROMA exhibit at the offices of Gensler curated by Michelle Heinemann features well known street artists of the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more.
San Francisco leads the way for cyclists, but even the most forward thinking bicycle city has its problems. Read more.
The Atlas Obscura Tours are given by people who believe there is something new under the sun, every day, all over the world. This hike explored the San Francisco Bay Area with stops at Octagon House, Fort Miley, and Eduardo Aguilera's labyrinth. Read more.
Originally built for function rather than style, some of the first burger joints in the city are still around, still serving their purpose after all these years and continuing to change the concept of fast food and the American diet. Read more.
Named the "Most artistic building in town" in 1892, the Hibernia Bank building today stands empty and is in disrepair. Can this beautiful bank building help revitalize mid-market? Read more.