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Zero1 Biennial showcases artworks at the intersection of art and technology of national and international artists, running September 12 through December 8, 2012. With the hub at the Zero1 Garage in San Jose, the biennial includes curated exhibitions, public art installations, performances, and speaker events all over Silicon Valley.

Taking advantage of its location and thus its network in the Silicon Valley, Zero1 manages to bring together the most innovative technology companies with artists from all over the world, among them Aram Bartholl, founder of the Dead Drops Project, interaction designer and artist Daniel Schwartz with his  Silicon Valley Karaoke 1.0, and American artist Robert Whitman, best known for creating non-narrative theater works – to name just three of many. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, eBay Inc and many Bay Area museums and art institutes are among the long list of partners for this event.

What makes the event original and inspiring for all, contemporary art fans or not, is its focus on innovation. In fact the exhibition questions how art impacts, shapes and criticizes innovation and technology rather than creating the most technological artworks.

The video GoZero1 was shot during the opening night and shows a very small part of the Biennial with interviews with Zero1, participating artists and partners. Intended only as a teaser, you’ll have to go out and see this exceptional art show event for yourself!

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Sustainability, women entrepreneurship & fashion – these three words are very appealing to me. When I heard of the SF Sustainable Fashion Show at the Candystore Collective, I wanted to do more than just attend the event – I grabbed my camera and expressed my support by producing a video.

Silvia Scandar, Kristin and Shannon are three greatly engaging women, smart and funny. Together with her sister Sabrina, Silvia founded Sew Love, an “online community for collaborative creation”, a platform for crowd-sourcing design which recently launched an upcycled design contest. Shannon and Kristin are the founders behind {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable and versatile clothing line for women, with the goal of sparking conversation about fashion and consumption.

Sustainability is not only about making products and services more eco-friendly, but also about our everyday consumer habits. Everyone can contribute to this social change by spreading the word on sustainable initiatives and events. Although women entrepreneurship is a growing trend, women receive only 5 percent of equity capital each year despite owning 30 percent of businesses (Drew Guarini, The Huffington Post). Lacking funds, these companies need support to take off, and giving them visibility and raising awareness on the web is part of it.

As for fashion – I’m French, and I’m a woman. I love fashion, that’s a given, if not cliché. Shooting this video at the SF Sustainable Fashion Show was a great opportunity to support causes I believe in paired with the sweetness and fun of a fashion event.

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Very much a part of our city’s urban fabric, the homeless community of San Francisco is often overlooked and even shunned. Two Bay Area artists Hugh Leeman  (street artist) and Sean Desmond  (videographer and photographer),  create portraits of the homeless men and women living in the Tenderloin and have found a way to give a voice to those normally “unseen.” 

Street/Art/People from clemence demerliac on Vimeo.

Producer and Director Clemence Demerliac’s thoughts”¦
I created this video because I am convinced that art is a good way to raise social awareness. Through their artistic actions, Leeman and Desmond are making positive changes in their local community.

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