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Lowline Young Designers Workshop Mark Miller Gallery-NYC-4Image via Andrew Einhorn for The Lowline

If you’re curious about how The Lowline is evolving, we’ve news for you. On Sunday February 9th, the Mark Miller Gallery at 92 Orchard Street opened its doors for the first free public installation of the Young Designers Program, an extension of the project. The exhibit focuses on several student-built 3-D models that display a variety of design ideas, both fictional and feasible, for the city’s future, first, and only subterranean park.


Redering of 105-111 W. 57th St., courtesy of SHoP Architects Rendering of 105-111 W. 57th St. via SHoP Architects

Some say that 57th Street is becoming New York’s Gold Coast, while others follow Michael Gross in donning it the “Billionaires’ Belt.” Either way, these aren’t merely affectionate nicknames for a specific corridor within the Midtown Special Purpose District. Instead, they’re being realized by an increasing catalogue of ever-taller luxury commercial and residential developments, and being carefully curated by renowned architectural firms and developers working with the City to bring a refreshed image to fruition.