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125 East 36th Street-FDR and Eleanor Apartment-1904-NYCPhoto via Sideways NYC

The Roosevelts’ lineage and history are intrinsically tied to New York’s narrative. Most notable are the legacies of Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Roosevelts’ many public contributions, private property endowments, and pioneering governmental policy work, all serve to immortalize them as one of the most eminent names in United States history.


In our exploration of Untapped music venues in New York City, perhaps SubCulture personifies this the most as “a subterranean music-and-arts oasis hidden beneath the streets of New York.” SubCulture is situated right beneath the Culture Project Theatre in NoHo. The appeal of the venue is its urban and edgy construction, which draws genre-bending musical artists and daring performance artists to the stage.  (more…)

You do not have to be a jazz aficionado to appreciate the workings of San Francisco Offside Festival’s co-founders – musician Alex Pinto and local music presenter Laura Maguire. Rather, at its core, the festival is about expanding the awareness of unique, local talent. The plethora of talented musicians all share the commonality of having cultivated their art in the Bay Area. Underscoring these sentiments, the festival’s founders exalt the local San Francisco music scene in their mission statement – “Our hope is that the San Francisco Bay Area ultimately gets the recognition it deserves as home to a rich, diverse, and exceptionally talented jazz community.” (more…)


To contextualize the characters of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, you have to first understand their relation to their surroundings. In Fitzgerald’s most celebrated novel, The Great Gatsby, Long Island’s Gold Coast region provides the necessary amount of drama, grandeur, opulence and richness to sustain the immortal characters in the novel.  In Fitzgerald’s book, the West and East Egg of Long Island become leading characters themselves that entangle the characters into their fabric. To fully understand the magnitude of this literary landscape set during the golden era of the “Roaring Twenties,” we ventured out to the real Long Island Gold Coast to explore the Coe Hall Estate at Planting Fields with SideTour.


Prominently situated in the Morningside Heights neighborhood overlooking the park, the Church of Notre Dame has an interesting history and a unique architectural background, namely a grotto replica inspired by the site where Mary appeared to St. Bernadette in Lourdes.

The church was first erected in 1910 as  a chapel and as part of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul’s mission. It was first operated by the Fathers of Mercy, who were a French community of priests and in 1915, Cardinal Farley dedicated the church. The church was later entrusted to the Archdiocese of New York in 1960, which led to a transition of responsibility and further expansion of the parish membership. A guiding principal of the church is to actively elicit the community’s influence and participation, which attribute to the diversity of the parish’s fabric. Notre Dame is associated with St. Luke’s Hospital as well as Columbia University. Columbia University was included in the church’s pastoral mission in 1988, leading to the first appointment of a Pastor of Notre Dame to the Catholic Chaplain at Columbia. Then lastly, the parish was transitioned to the Polish Province of the Dominican Order in 2003.


The exterior of the Church of Note Dame overlooking Morningside Park.


View of Millbrook Vineyards from the front of the former dairy barn.

View of Millbrook Vineyards from the front of the former dairy barn.

On a wintery February morning, I took the Metro-North from Grand Central Station up to Poughkeepsie to spend the day at Millbook Vineyards & Winery. Having never ventured to this part of upstate New York before and wanting to learn more about New York’s wine industry, I excitedly accepted the unique invitation to attend MillBrook Vineyards & Winery’s final installment of their Winegrowing Boot Camp. (more…)