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Jake Schabas, Writer-New York: Born in Toronto, Canada, Jake is a graduate student of urban planning at Columbia University and holds a B.A. from the University of King’s College in Contemporary Studies and English. He is increasingly entranced by New York City where he currently lives, especially its transportation. Jake is the co-founder of Spacing Atlantic, a contributing editor to Spacing Magazine, and is the editor of URBAN Magazine, Columbia University’s planning program magazine.

Copenhagen isn’t the only city in love with data, with New York becoming a city obsessed with innovation. Read more.
It's a (tugboat), it's a barge, it's a museum, it's a home...it has...wifi? Read more.
Never before seen photos in the #7 Line extension, a $2 billion project that is expected to be the busiest subway station in NYC by 2025. Read more.
Exclusive photos inside the 2nd avenue subway line construction, the first in a series on MTA's 3 megaprojects. Read more.
The Sebago Canoe Club is a 78-year-old boating club in Canarsie with guided tours of Jamaica Bay. Read more.
It’s the most powerful address in New York City you’ve never heard of. One false move and the entire city stops dead in its tracks. Not the home of New York’s mayor, or 11 Wall Street where profit-driven twenty and thirty-somethings play games with the world’s economy... Read more.