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I'm a young writer based in Baltimore soon to graduate from Johns Hopkins University. After living in Baltimore for almost four years and working for Baltimore City Paper and The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, I've gotten a good sense for the hidden gems in Charm City. Baltimore may be smaller than NY, but it's just a three hour ride and has a lot of unique flavor to offer.

Baltimore Craft Beer Brewer's Art Jenna McLaughlin
The catacomb-like basement of Brewer’s Art in Baltimore, a craft beer scene. Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina via Flickr

Baltimore’s small independent craft breweries host some of the most unique architectural, flavorful and cultural facets of the city. Two particular locations demonstrate the individuality of the city’s craft brew scene, including the bar of many faces—The Brewer’s Art, and the one-stop-shop for home brewing, Nepenthe.

Nestled between the historical district of Mount Vernon with its monument to Washington and the young, hip area of Station North Arts and Entertainment District sits what appears to be a window into a classy barroom. The area is host to bookstores, crêperies, Middle Eastern restaurants, clubs and very little parking. Less manicured than Charles Village and Johns Hopkins University and much less touristy than the redeveloped Inner Harbor and its Hard Rock Café, Station North is representative of the indie art culture that Baltimoreans treasure but outsiders may never know about.  (more…)