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Kat is a graphic designer and a recent transplant to New York from some unspeakably boring place in the Midwest. Holds a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University (2011). Likes cooking, long solitary walks, Tom Waits, well-dressed humans, dirty martinis, cartography, and properly-kerned typography.

The Art of Style by Kit Mills is a Humans of New York-esque collection of sketches of interesting New Yorkers in their daily routines. Read more.
Kit Mills spots and illustrates a stylish fiend in the tourist throng of Midtown NYC in lace, military pants and spots of gold. Read more.
Summer fashion exists in a Venn diagram of bright-colored / flowing / wtf, probably a result of heat-induced psychosis. Here's a watermelon inspired outfit Read more.
In our weekly 'Art of Style', Kit Mills sketches two mysterious elderly women, sauntering through the East Village wearing matching zig-zags. Read more.
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Kit Mills spots a stylish mix of patterns and Union Jack in the dense, swamplike feel of the NYC subway this week in the Art of Style. Read more.
Kit Mills spots a woman in a sensational backless dress and big floppy hat in an unexpected placeā€”the West 4th Street subway station. Read more.
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