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Kat is a graphic designer and a recent transplant to New York from some unspeakably boring place in the Midwest. Holds a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University (2011). Likes cooking, long solitary walks, Tom Waits, well-dressed humans, dirty martinis, cartography, and properly-kerned typography.

04/11/14 2:00pm



As you may have noticed, there are a lot of people in New York City. For some personality types this is overwhelming, but for others it offers a sort of strange comfort. Personally, I love being surrounded by people that I have no obligation to talk to or interact with in any way. The ability to totally ignore anyone who is giving you unwanted attention is not rude, it’s a valuable life skill—is this man just looking for conversation, or is he trying to get close enough to bite me? Who knows! Welcome to New York!  (more…)

03/30/14 11:00am


alternate title: Some Velvet Midtown

Midtown Manhattan is not the most interesting place in New York for fashion. Or for food. Or for much of anything, really. However, if you spend a lot of time there you’re bound to see some stylishly-dressed people hidden amid all the map-clutching tourists shuffling out of Penn Station, and the sea of navy blue suits hustling back to the office after a quick lunch at Au Bon Pain. I’m a Midtown office person and this is my life.  (more…)

03/14/14 1:00pm


On Monday after work, I strolled down to the Strand to pick up a book and do some casual browsing. Bad for wallets, good for morale. The sun was still out, the air was crisp with the promise of spring, and everybody was wearing a nice light jacket. This guy’s impressive grey beard caught my attention, and then I realized that everything he was wearing was also grey. The only hint of color in his look was an unfortunate one—the green Starbucks logo peeking out from below the cardboard sleeve around his coffee cup. C’mon, man. This is Manhattan, there’s way better coffee within like, a block. (Everyman Espresso, Think Coffee, the Bean…)


02/28/14 12:00pm


Fur coats and diamonds are well-established as Rich People Clothes, but what about a fur-trimmed coat with a diamond built right in?

Last weekend, I went for a walk around Central Park and into the Upper West Side. It was bright, sunny, and about fifty degrees, so it felt like the entire city was outdoors out of sheer gratitude that it wasn’t below freezing. Prime people-watching circumstances.  (more…)

02/13/14 12:00pm

art-of-style-kit-mills-valentine-untapped-citiesbeep beep

We all know what day tomorrow is. (It’s House of Cards Season 2 premiere day.)

Some might feel that the gross piles of dirty, garbage-strewn, yellowy-grey snow do not provide a fitting atmosphere to a celebration of love, affection, and variety-packs of candy hearts. And to that I say, turn your mind away from the modern trappings of romance and sentimentalism! Think about Romanticism instead.  (more…)

01/31/14 12:00pm

art-of-style-kit-mills-skeleton-subway-untapped-citiesI bet she has a lot of Misfits albums on vinyl.

In previous Art of Style posts I’ve discussed at length how much I appreciate some good goth and punk undertones in an otherwise socially-acceptable outfit, but today I’d like to cast aside subtlety. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, the traditional holidays for skull-adorned clothes and festive creepiness, are long past, but darkness knows no season. Today we celebrate unapologetic spookiness.

I saw this gloomy young woman while waiting for the L train one cold night earlier this week. A pair of skeleton leggings would be eye-catching enough on their own, but when worn with a skull-printed scarf and a big, scruffy coat, they become the elements of goth armor.  (more…)