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Kat is a graphic designer and a recent transplant to New York from some unspeakably boring place in the Midwest. Holds a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University (2011). Likes cooking, long solitary walks, Tom Waits, well-dressed humans, dirty martinis, cartography, and properly-kerned typography.

07/18/14 12:00pm


Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Ugh, summer. I’m so tired of it that I’m even tired of complaining about it, and it’s not even halfway over yet. If you need me, I’ll be over here with my face smashed right up against the air conditioner, dreaming about avalanches.

Alas, no one can spend three months in the comfort of the climate-controlled indoors. Sometimes we have to go outside to do things like hang out with other humans we like, or do our jobs, or buy ice cream. Whatever your outdoor mission, chances are pretty good that you’ll see some other people, and they’ll be wearing clothes. Summer fashion tends to exist in a Venn diagram of bright-colored / flowing / wtf, probably a result of heat-induced psychosis. I saw an amazing example of this convergence on the C train the other day.


07/07/14 12:00pm


About a week ago, I met a couple of friends for dinner at Westville in the East Village before going to see another friend perform in an improv show. (For out-of-towners: this isn’t some kind of confusing neighborhood ‘east-west-weast-eest’ code language, Westville is a delicious sorta-vegetarian restaurant and there are a few of them scattered around downtown Manhattan.) After shoving a lot of vegetables in our faces like a pack of crazed wildebeests, we left and wandered down Avenue A towards the theatre. (more…)

06/20/14 12:00pm


Do you remember that time a few weeks ago when going outside and walking somewhere didn’t feel like trudging your way through a horrible air-swamp? Back when the air was crisp, somewhere below 80% humidity, and not yet permeated with the smell of warm garbage and dog food? Those were the days. Let me take you back to that glorious bygone era with a painting of a dude I saw on the subway.


06/06/14 2:00pm


I bet the people with very dramatic outerwear in the colder months are the same people who stun you with interestingly-bared skin in the summer. Some people wear clothes because they like the garments themselves (and are required by law to more or less cover themselves up), but others seem to use clothing as mere framing devices for their bodies. It’s similar to the use of negative space in visual art. Sometimes the parts of the canvas you don’t paint on can be as interesting as the parts you do, and the absence of clothing—not necessarily in a provocative way—holds its own drama and tension.  (more…)

05/23/14 2:00pm


New York is full of visual stimuli. The skyscrapers are majestic, the people are good-looking, and the lights are intoxicating. A tolerance to bright flashy things trying to distract you at all times is an important skill you’ll need to develop if you’re going to spend a significant amount of time here, especially in Manhattan. Sometimes it’s good to live the flâneur life and soak up all the lights and colors and words drifting past you, but sometimes you just want to run out and get a coffee without turning it into some kind of spectacle outing.  (more…)