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Sunken City is located just South of Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, Los Angeles. A type of urban atlantis, Sunken City is a hidden cement cemetery for suburban seaside life that literally sank. The entire area has been fenced off since 1987 but the wrought iron fence seems to only prevent cars from coming in. This roughly six acre piece of land was once an oceanside neighborhood is now equally a geologist and graffiti artist dream park.


No Pants NYC Subway Ride 2014 for Untapped Cities#4

Sunday marked the 13th Annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York City. You may have caught the piece on Untapped Cities this morning by Luke Kingma, who discusses the heavy journalistic and photographer’s presence at the event. But if you were looking for photos of pantsless people, you may have been disappointed. To rectify that, we present this photographic look from the participant perspective at the Lower East Side meetup point.

No Pants Subway Ride is hosted and organized by Improv Everywhere. With over 4,000 participants in New York City alone, this event takes place in over 60 cities in the world and over 25 countries.  The No Pants Subway ride in New York had seven different meet up locations to begin the pantless journey. (more…)