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Lauren (Lo) Lorey is a native New Yorker and archictecture enthusiast. She spends her days as a financial marketing director and her evenings seaching for the perfect slice of thin crust pizza. Intriqued by the abandoned places of New York City, she has made it her mission to bring to life the areas that time forgot. When not exploring NYC, she can be found kayaking, feeding squirrels, or climbing a lava rock on Maui.

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Located down one of the most picturesque blocks in New York City stands a building with a notoriously dark history. Nicknamed the “House of Death,” 14 West 10th Street is supposedly haunted by 22 ghosts, the most famous of which is Mark Twain, who resided there from 1900-1901.

A Greek Revival home, “Number 14” was built during the late 1850s in the favorable area of Washington Square Park. Before landing its infamous name, the brownstone was home to many members of New York’s elite, including Mrs. James Boorman Johnston whose husband had been a founding member of the Metropolitan Underground Railroad and the Broadway Underground Railroad.  (more…)

Cornish Estate -2-ColdSpring-NY-Untapped Cities-Lauren Lorey

Tucked away in the woods of Cold Spring, NY stands a hauntingly beautiful collection of ruins called Northgate (or the Cornish Estate). In 1917, Edward J. Cornish and his wife Selina acquired the 650 acre estate from a Chicago diamond merchant, Sigmund Stern. Stern built the estate the decade before, but to this day no one knows who the architect was. In 1938, the couple died within two weeks of each other, with Edward dying at his desk in NYC. The estate remained under the care of Cornish’s nephew Joel until a fire destroyed the majority of the mansion in 1956.  (more…)