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Luke Kingma, Writer - New York. By day, Luke Kingma is a copywriter for Big Fuel Communications. By night and by weekend, Luke is a photographer, writer, traveler and professional beer glass stealer whose thirst for adventure, great stories and, of course, delicious beer, is never quenched. Get in touch with Luke on twitter @LukeKingma.

As Untapped Cities columnist, Luke Kingma moves on to the West Coast, he reminisces on his life in NYC in the best way he knows how–through its food. Read more.
In an old gymnasium in Nolita, wave after wave of prom hopefuls twisted their way through a makeshift time portal, and into 1955 for a screening of Back to the Future. Read more.
At the 2014 No Pants Subway Ride, flash mob participants from around the country gathered to share a passion for cameras. Read more.
California’s Department of Public Health has halted production of Huy Fong’s legendary sauce indefinitely. The Srirachalypse is here, but there's still hope. Read more.
BBQ Films gets behind a recreation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Williamsburg, painstakingly recreating the classic characters in full body form. Read more.
We rolled through the lobby of Flatiron's Museum of Sex and into PLAY, a brand new experiential bar with two things on its mind - coitus and cocktails. Read more.