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I’m Mary, your 25-year-old, four-eyed window to the world of New York City and beyond. I live on the Upper West Side, work in the travel industry and love the same things you love; exploring NYC neighborhoods, traveling, Levain cookies, happy hour, photography, pinning DIY crafts and never doing them, cooking and the TV show Chopped. Find me here at Untapped, on Twitter and Instagram @maryinmanhattan or at my blog, MaryinManhattan.com.


In April 2015, New York City couple Kristin Heckler and Ashley Custer launched Uprooted, the city’s first mobile flower truck. Since then, they’ve been hand-crafting bouquets daily on curbs and in flea markets all over the city. With obvious similarities to another successful New York City enterprise, the food truck, Uprooted made the transition to mobile business pretty seamlessly.