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An LA that was never built: a freeway in the middle of the ocean, thousands of acres of interconnected parks, LAX under a glass dome, 150 miles of subway Read more.
Alec Monopoly comments on capitalism with his Monopoly Man. The Park Place exhibition at Lab Art brings his and other art from the street to the gallery. Read more.
The Wende Museum in Culver City has the longest stretch of the original Berlin Wall outside of Germany, as well as a treasure trove of cold war-era artifacts and surveillance equipment. Read more.
Evergreen Memorial Park was established in 1877 as the first official and sanctioned cemetery in Los Angeles. Find out what notable citizens call it their final resting place! Read more.
The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is the longest running puppet theater in the US, and 89-year old Mr. Baker still puppeteers himself every once in a while, to the delight of adults and children alike. Read more.