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A film maker from London, I fled my rain-soaked city in 2012 in pursuit of Vitamin D and new adventure. Now in Marseille, I write The Man From Mars(eille) which documents the unique quality of the city through writing, photography and film. http://themanfrommarseille.tumblr.com/

In the film French Connection, New York City is portrayed as grey and run down while Marseille is a murky port of narrow alleys and criminal overlords. Read more.
In Marseille, Le Corbusier's iconic Cité Radieuse will welcome a new rooftop art space in June, conceived by designer Ora Ito. Read more.
The J1, a new exhibition space in an old dock terminal is an unexpected success for Marseille, European Capital of Culture. Read more.
France's second city, Marseille is European Capital of Culture in 2013 and is luring tourists with brand new museums and a thriving arts scene. Read more.