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Megan is a freelance reporter based in Montreal, QC. Her work has appeared in The Link Newspaper, The Eastern Door and CulTour Magazine. This June, she will graduate from Concordia University with a degree specializing in print and broadcast journalism. When procrastinating, you'll find her in the sun, upside down, or staring at a map. Text

The stadium features over 6,500 seats looking onto the water. The stadium features over 6,500 seats looking onto the water.

For over two decades, local artists have been fervently and fantastically vandalizing a massive abandoned waterfront structure that lies on a small piece of land, carved in between Miami’s urban north and natural south bays. This partially-floating concrete giant—the Miami Marine Stadium—has been technically off-limits to the public since Hurricane Andrew slammed southern Florida in 1992, but the place has been all but vacant since then.

Nowadays, despite being prohibited city property, the Miami Marine Stadium is frequented around the clock by a steady flow of visitors. The venue, erected in 1963 as an unprecedented structure to observe powerboat races, now plays host to rooftop parties, sunny day lazing, and has been exploited as a gigantic ever-evolving canvas used by Miami’s street art community.  (more…)