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Megan McAuliffe is a blogger and journalist, writing on issues relating to community, culture, travel and lifestyle. She is currently a regular contributor for VW Heritage and you can find her on Twitter @meganeditorial

FranksPeckham_JMarkDoddsFrank’s Café and Campari Bar. Image Credit: J Mark Dodds

Whether it’s slurping on  hot noodle soup by a roadside in Thailand or grabbing a falafel from a street cart in New York, street food isn’t just about the food—it’s about transporting a sense of community to urban areas and creating an interconnected hub of public space and activity, for everyone. In London, the street food culture has been spurred on  by overcrowding and the need to put wasted space to good use. Not to mention it can also be pretty fun sampling some beer surrounded by sculptures in an abandoned multi-story parking garage in the back streets of London.  (more…)