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I am an identical twin living in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Westbury Long Island and I enjoy exploring things old and new. You can find me at Brooklyn Bridge park during the summer playing basketball at Pier 2. I would like to travel to more Untapped Cities in the near future. Find me at my personal website

The Rise of Sneaker Culture-Converse-Brooklyn Museum-NYCConverse Rubber Shoe Company. All Star/Non Skid, 1917. Converse Archives. (Photo: Courtesy American Federation of Arts)

At the exhibit, The Rise of Sneaker Culture which opened at the Brooklyn Museum in July, sports and fashion go step by step in this showcase of rare sneakers and the evolution behind this ‘soleful’ culture. As one observes the various brands in glass displays—Adidas, Converse, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Asics, and more it is easy to forget that what is on their feet is what everyone is there to see.



While Bushwick may be more known for its open air street art thanks to the work of the Bushwick Colletive, art galleries are also experiencing a renaissance, forming an integral part of the community in this Brooklyn neighborhood. Like the artists and their work, each space is unique in terms of its exhibits, programming, and overall experience. Here are three to check out during Bushwick Open Studios this weekend, which begins Friday June 5th.