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Pamela Jacobs is a freelance writer and the founder of SoloGirlTravel.com, who spent several years as the Editor-in-Chief of a travel magazine in New York City, before leaving to become a full-time globetrotter. She’s traveled throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific, making friends with local wildlife along the way. Pamela has enjoyed eating her way through various cities, riding frisky elephants, surviving tsunami threats, and hiking active volcanoes, all in the name of travel journalism. She has no plans to stop...ever.


Perhaps the most welcome element of travel for the seasoned globetrotter or city-hopper is that of surprise. In St. Petersburg, Russia,  surprise is one of their specialties. Not just for the tourists who arrive, expecting a cold, gray Russia, only to find color and light at every turn, but also for its residents.

After decades of Soviet rule, war, and famine, during which the city’s countless museums, cathedrals, and castles were closed and covered in thick layers of dust, the blanket of darkness was lifted from the city, only to reveal buildings of the prettiest pastels conceivable.