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Rachel McCain is an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. She holds a BA in English and has written for The Source Magazine, Ploughshares Literary Blog, Litro Magazine, and other publications. Rachel previously served as deputy editor of Home Town Media Group, a small community newspaper company in southern New York. In her role as editor, she has written extensively about Westchester County – specifically the Sound Shore area – and has occasionally appeared on WVOX 1460AM to discuss community concerns. Rachel is also the creator of the Westchester Noir photography project. For more information, visit Rachelmccain.net and WestchesterNoir.com

Yonkers Southwest-Front Lines-Abandoned-Homelessness-Povery-NYC-2

THE FRONT LINES is a nonfiction assemblage of stories and photos detailing modern-day poverty and homelessness in southwest Yonkers, New York by MFA Candidate Rachel McCain. A police “ride-along” of gritty southwest Yonkers provides one of the threads in a collection of my encounters with homeless people, nonprofit employees, government officials, residents and others who work, live, support and represent the city. 

Yonkers is hardened, like a person who has seen too much too soon. Tales of homicide and drugs, racism and prostitution are woven into the fabric of the City of Hills. It is the old street walker of 1980s Larkin Plaza, sagging and worn from turning too many tricks. It’s the 1990s white resident living on the city’s residential east side, who is vehemently against building affordable housing in his or her neighborhood, despite growing up in Yonkers’ southwest. Conversely, it is the black or Hispanic resident living in the southwest, anxious and scared about his or her move to Yonkers’ east side, in 1995.