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Rembert Browne, Writer-New York: Rembert is a graduate student in urban planning at Columbia University, holds a B.A. from Dartmouth in Sociology, Geography & Public Policy and has a disgusting obsession with his home of Atlanta. He documents cities by way of a back-pocket moleskin notebook and an iPhone4 camera. He is a writer for Grantland and writes daily for his blog, 500 Days Asunder, where he attempts to actually write about everything.

You just can’t predict this church to be on 123rd and Lenox in Harlem

Then again, when it comes to people’s loopy feelings on Obama, you can’t predict anything these days.

ATLAH World Missionary Church is led by a charming gentleman named James David Manning. I think it’s safe to say, from the church marquee, he’s not a big fan of Barry. Some other kind things he has to say:


A week or so ago, I went on one of my favorite walks in New York City, the West to East 125th Street pilgrimage. I love it, because 1) I feel like I’m in Atlanta in 1999 and 2) I’m usually looking for a pair of $3 shades.

Last week, however, I went before the hustle and bustle, at 8:30am. For the shopper in me, it was a horrible decision, because none of the vendors were out. That was okay, though, because on 125th St. between Adam Clayton Powell Jr (7th) and Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th Ave), I was greeted with the greatest treat ever.

All the gates were down on the storefronts and because it wasn’t 9am, this is what I saw:


So now that I am back in the grad schools, I am actually learning things on a daily basis, not just horrible realizations about The Wiz. One of the courses I’m taking is a studio project about Street Vendors in New York City, specifically Lower Manhattan.


Broken Angel House-Brooklyn-Clinton Hill-Dave Chappelle-NYCJanuary 2007 photograph by RunsBrooklyn

When I got off the G train at Classon Ave, I felt like I was on my way to finally meet the girl I had been in an internet relationship with for 5 years.

Will she show up?
Does she look like the pictures she sends?
Will she see me first, or will I see her?

God I hope we like each other.