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Rosemary O’Brien is a novelist and author of two novels. New York City is her favorite city, so she devised a project that would require her to travel from her home in Southern Connecticut to Manhattan on a regular basis. The result: Pocket Parks of NYC which will be available sometime in 2013. Until then, follow her travels on her website, http://www.PocketParksNYC.com.

Rosemary O’Brien is the author of the newly published book, Best Pocket Parks of NYC. Rosemary shares with Untapped Cities favorite park gems in three neighborhoods of Manhattan: Upper West Side, Midtown, and the Financial District. 

It all began in late 1964 when a group called The Park Association of New York City organized to support the formation of public green spaces or ‘vest pocket’ parks from small, unused, overgrown lots in New York City. Thomas P.F. Hoving, former Mayor John Lindsay’s future Parks Commissioner, jumped on the bandwagon and the practice of POPS (privately owned public space) had begun.