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It was amazing.  I woke up still a bit drunk of course from New Years Eve.  To tell you the truth, I wasn’t excited so much for New Years Eve as I was for the Dip.  I met up with my friend Don at the Q train station to head down there.   He was dressed up as a polar bear and sewed the costume himself.  I donned my viking helmet and a hoola skirt.  It was such a gorgeous, sunny morning, mid-40s.  Got off the Q train at Stillwell Avenue and ran into first timers who came up to us, b/c it was clear from our attire that we were there for the swim, and they were asking Don questions about whether there was a changing room, etc., and whether it was going to be a “disappointment” since it was so sunny and mild out.  The answer was “no,” it was going to be awesome.