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Inside the Divya Dham Temple in Queens

The November sun is setting early on this very non-descript street in Woodside, Queens where I’ve ventured to visit the Divya Dham Temple, what the New York Times described as “vast temple complex and living history museum.”  The sign reads “Divya Dham The House of Worship.” I’ve arrived at a spiritual oasis in the the middle of what once was the heart of Western industry. People exit and enter casually through the door as I gather the courage to enter the unknown. The temple is dimly lit with sporadic swatches of green florescence highlighting the alters of various hindu divinities. I stand wondering where to begin this journey. A man in a tiny frame in his mid 70’s reaches for the huge brass bell to mark his arrival, the thunderous sound is meant to wake the gods; it simply brings me back to earth.