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Virtual Grand Palais Untapped Paris

Visitors to the Grand Palais are usually bowled over by the building’s monumental scale and the elegance and simplicity of its design. Standing at the center of the nave feels a bit like standing alone in the center of a vast field with nothing on the horizon except sky, only the awe inspired by the Grand Palais makes one recognize the feats of mankind rather than nature. Nothing can substitute for the experience of actually being there, but now you can take a virtual visit to Paris’s great Beaux-Arts icon. Learn all about the history and design of the Grand Palais from the glass roof to the majestic staircase inside the main exhibition space, which hosts a rotating roster of exhibitions and events. Scale the roof and take in the breathtaking views of Paris’s most important monuments from the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides to the Sacré Coeur. Did you know that no part of the glass and zinc roof is flat? Now you can see it up close like never before.