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Streets in New York City (and the world) are often christened with appealing names that indirectly reflect the history of their surroundings in a subtle manner. This unspoken rule does not apply to the following roundup of streets with functional names in NYC:


NYC Subway Articial Reefs-Maryland
Image Source: Maryland Department of Resources

Subway cars, like all pieces of technological equipment, become obsolete at some point. But how do you dispose of something so big and heavy in an environmentally conscious way? It turns out that, since 2001, old subway cars have been dumped into East Coast waters to form artificial reefs. This is perhaps the most creative method of repurposing that we’ve come across thus far–and we’ve seen lots!


Todd Gross-Time Lightbox-Park Avenue South-May 2012
Source: Time Lightbox and Todd Gross

New York

Time Lightbox has devoted a profile to photographer Todd Gross, a 43 year old Queens native who has a fresh, fun take on street photograph, many of which feature New Yorkers in contorted, inexplicable positions.


1-west bank lighthouse-daily what-nyc-untapped cities-wesley yiinSource: Tug44.org

One New York City lighthouse we didn’t include in our Foursquare List on the Lighthouses of NYC is the West Bank Lighthouse, near Staten Island. That’s because it’s been privately owned since 2010 by a man named Sheridan Reilly.


3-microapartment-museum of the city of new york-nyc-untapped cities-wesley yiinAn entire apartment is contained in this little block!

How would you fare living in an apartment of just 325 square feet? Most of us cringe at the thought, but the “Making Room” exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York has been attempting to show that it is possible and actually quite comfortable.


Fetch Club-Nightclub-NYC-Doggie DaycareImage via Fetch Club Facebook page

New York has no shortage of uber-luxurious canine-care facilities but Fetch Club  used to contain a doggie disco. That’s right, this nightclub for dogs had “dancing,” and canine wine for thrill-seeking pups. But like many businesses in New York City’s Financial District, Fetch Club was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. In the human world, the last of the downtown hotels re-opened by April but it’s been a struggle to bring back foot traffic and tourism. Fetch Club had to be gutted after the storm and amenities that were hosted in the basement, including the nightclub, have yet to make a full comeback.