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Yeehui is a rising senior at a liberal arts college who spends the school year savouring Somerville while often dreaming nostalgically of Accra, and calls Singapore home (if she could only pick one place, of course). Though she's lived in cities all her life, she suspects she is at heart what Singaporeans call a kampung girl, and gets the best sleep on thin narrow mattresses under mosquito net canopies. Suggestions on making a living as a liberal arts grad (or anything else, really) may be directed to her email address: yeehuiatwork@gmail.com!

The Kopi coffee culture arrived in Singapore centuries before Starbucks and their relationship to the cafe culture reflects the duality of Singapore life. Read more.
What do you want to change about your city? In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a group of citizens started the #betterKL movement, an initiative to crowd-source constructive ways to improve the city they live in. The grassroots movement sought to move the focus from quotidian gripes about urban life to ideas about how to make the city Read more. Read more.
In Singapore, where street art is strictly monitored, The Substation arts center is a hotspot of graffiti in an otherwise sanitized city. Read more.
Haymarket is one of Boston's oldest, and many would argue, best weekend institutions. With the Greenway, it seems unlikely that Haymarket will remain. Read more.