“Reclaimed Ground” Short Film by Nate Dorr and Nathan Kensinger

This Sunday, April 10th, from 4 PM to 8 PM, the Queens Museum will be holding its Spring Exhibitions Opening, featuring screenings of short films made in or about Queens.  This coincides with the opening of Queens International 2016, the latest edition of the museum’s biennial presentation of works by artists living and/or working in the borough. In addition, there will be special events to mark the opening of other new exhibitions, including a historical retrospective of Queens’ pioneering punk rockers, The Ramones.


The Cultural Services of the French Embassy continues its trend of all-star programming here in New York City with a 12-hour nocturnal marathon called A Night of Philosophy, taking place April 24th to 25th in two of New York City’s gorgeous Gilded Age mansions–the French Embassy at 927 Fifth Avenue, in the former Whitney Payne Mansion, and the Ukrainian Institute of America, the former home of banker Isaac D. Fletcher, oil baron Harry F. Sinclair and August Van Horne Stuyvesant Jr., a descendant of Peter Stuyvesant. With the two around the corner from each other, you can even mansion hop between screenings, readings, art installations, performances, and lectures by 60 philosophers on topics like “Must Intellectual Life Be Boring?” and “I Think, Therefore I Can.”


The next harvest in the future of agriculture won’t be found in sweeping fields of the Great Plains, but in intimate rooftop gardens of America’s cities. How we produce, distribute, and consume food has become an issue of social sustainability just as much as it is an ecological one, and Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette hope to spread its importance through their acclaimed documentary, Growing Cities. Untapped Cities is pleased to showcase the teaser for this feature, which has already screened in over 25 festivals worldwide:


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