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Through a chance encounter on Airbnb, Untapped Cities came in touch with Denver artist Anne McGraw. Her self-funded project, Summit Ridge Studio, consists almost entirely of hand-painted maps that she produces from the basement of her home and sells online by request. Surrounded by her collection of antique maps and two cats, McGraw has developed a cutting edge aesthetic using everyone’s favorite open-source navigation software–Google Maps. We sat down with Anne to talk about her use of water colors, Denver urbanism, and her past as an architect.


Hotel Rehearsal 1-Architecture-Downtown-Denver-Untapped Cities-Arianna Funk

One block south of the busy Sixteenth Street Mall in downtown Denver, rehearsals are underway. From a small work van, a single occupant is raised to the sky in an inflatable hotel room with hydraulic buoyancy, allowing for an unimpeded view of the city from an all-white, luxurious bubble complete with shower, air conditioning, a sofa that turns itself into an airbed, and well-stocked magazine rack. The same view, that is, one might have if a “real” hotel went up on this parking lot.  (more…)

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