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Mark Estabrook is a commercial airline pilot and street photographer who traveled to Kiev in February 2014 and was hit by grenades while photographing. He formerly served as an AWACS Aircraft Commander in the Persian Gulf and in the North Atlantic during the 1980s. He is working on a book about his experience in Kiev. All images © 2014 Mark Estabrook, do not re-use without prior permission.

Sometimes we see or hear something that causes our blood pressure to go up ever so slightly.  For me it was a TV broadcast with the simple phrase: “Ukrainian police are trying to put down a terrorist uprising in Kiev.” This reporting had Vladimir Putin’s fingerprints all over it and I flew to Kiev to find out. I secured a press pass from a professional photography group I belong to and my jumpseat privileges as an airline pilot got me to Cologne, Germany.  From Cologne I purchased a commercial round trip passenger ticket to Kiev.