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Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves started his career in computer science, and it is perhaps this rational side that has led him to his most well-known work: Windows on the World, collages of windows from about twenty countries. While it’s popular to say that architecture has become too homogenized amidst globalization, a project like this reminds us of the power of vernacular architecture.


Source Vhils on Facebook

Source Vhils on Facebook

Yesterday, Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto debuted his six-meter high Cork Faktory Diorama sculpture at the first day of Portugal’s International Street Theatre Festival Imaginarius in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

Farto, whose street name is Vhils, explores lower income areas in cities like Shanghai, Paris, London, Sydney, and  San Juan (Puerto Rico), to meet the people who live there and involve them in his art.  (more…)

Beautiful Lisbon

I visited Lisbon for 5 days and loved every minute of it.  The buildings are this amazing mix of beautiful and derelict which is hard to spot until you’re up close.    The tiles are a purely decorative feature on the buildings, and are most of the time a pattern, but there were a few exceptions to this rule that were images of people or scenes.  Gorgeous street lights hung off all buildings down tiny streets that had me wanting to always look around the next corner.  I don’t think I stopped properly for the whole time I was there.  The tiled walls were complimented by tiled stone floors, I’ve shown a wavy pattern here which I saw near the water, but around one of the fountains there were mermaids and ships.  Often building numbers or shop names were also spelt out in the darker grey tile stones against the lighter creamy coloured ones.

I love how once you get to other European cities the roof tiles turn terracotta, bricks are hardly on show, and buildings become a mix of lovely pastel colours or white walled.  It’s a true sense of being on holiday.

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