Split into two by the Douro River, the Portuguese city of Porto is probably best known for its wine. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, beautiful plazas, tiled facades, and baroque churches. While most travelers hail to the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the country’s second largest city, Porto, has been left undisturbed.

Over the years, Porto’s historic centre Ribeira has also modernized, combining traditional spots with cosmopolitan shops and taste. Walking down the streets, old storefronts are juxtaposed with trendy restaurants. If you are stopping by Porto, here are a few places – both old and new –  to check out:

Where to Eat: 

Cafe MajesticRua Santa Catarina 112

Its doors first opened in 1921 under the name Elite cafe. Decorated in an Art Nouveau style, today Majestic Cafe draws many tourists. Its leather upholstery, varnished wood, and marble surface is a time capsule of the glamour of a time past.

Cafe Majestic Porto