Hardhome-Game of Thrones-White Walkers-Wildlings-Film Location-Northern Ireland-Magheramorne Quarry.

In many ways, Game of Thrones, the HBO television show, has come into its own this fifth season, diverging, fast-forwarding and reimagining the all-encompassing books by George R.R. Martin. The early arrival of the white walkers at Hardhome was a welcome action-packed change to the political machinations building up over seasons (and a battle not in the books). The settings of Game of Thrones continue to be as impressive as ever as new kingdoms and worlds are introduced, and unsurprisingly the show is shot all over the world. Here’s where each of the worlds are filmed (with some CGI magic added in of course):



Researchers have recently discovered that a Roman tomb in Carmona, Spain may have originally been a Mithraic temple years before. Photo courtesy of Universidad Pablo de Olavide. 

Long thought to have been solely used as a burial site by ancient Romans in the 1st century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D., a tomb in the necropolis of Carmona, Spain (just outside of Sevilla) surprised researchers from Universidad Pablo de Olavide last week, who announced that the tomb was actually first used as a temple by the devotees of Mithraism, a cult that came to exist during the Roman empire.