The subject of the tallest building in the world has always been ripe with architectural controversy. From the last minute spire of the Chrysler Building to the “vanity height” used to game the system. There’s an organization, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), that comments and ranks buildings but the Skyscraper Museum has come out with its own list which include buildings that have topped out but may not yet be open. The CTBUH waits for a building to be officially open.


Cities Scaled Down to PixelsCities Scaled Down to 4×4 Pixels. Image via Neverbored

When you are living a city full of over 8 million people, it can be difficult to condense that city into one specific color, image or stereotype. Cities such as New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles are comprised of such a multitude of different people and place that condensing your visual impressions of a city into one predominant color sounds impossible, unless you are Kasper Gerroms, from the gaming website La Mosca.


Here’s a roundup of what the Untapped Staff has been enjoying this week for great city reads!

wish-jorge-rodriguez-gerada-belfastJorge Rodriguez-Gerada’s piece, “WISH,” is the largest land art in the United Kingdom. Photo via Arrested Motion.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

How many masterpieces have been painted using 4,000 metric tons of soil and sand and 30,000 wooden stakes? “WISH,” an installation by Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, spans 11 acres through a field in a Northern waterfront sector of Belfast. According to The Atlantic, the shy smile depicted on those 11 acres belongs to a six-year-old Belfast resident, and Rodriguez-Garada hopes that her face will inspire a “genuine hope for a brighter future for all of us who share this land.” The installation should last until December 2013––or at least, until it’s plowed over by a forgetful farmer. (more…)

The Shanghai Fog

11/15/2012 at 3:00 pm

Shanghai welcomed me with heavy fog and humid air. The city resides by the sea and enjoys relatively mild weather, which reminds me of Vancouver. Shanghai is the largest center of commerce in mainland China; there are more international companies with offices here than in Beijing. I was especially amazed at the historical architecture of buildings in downtown Shanghai where many financial institutions have set up their headquarters.

Shanghai is a popular tourist destination and although I was there for the World Expo 2010, I had to see the city’s modern and luxurious Pudong district with its beautiful skyline, which includes the Oriental Pearl Tower. Even though the fog made the day less than ideal for picture-taking, I couldn’t have asked for a better time in Shanghai.

This was my first time there, but I’ll definitely be returning soon.

Pudong and downtown Shanghai:

Walking in the streets of Shanghai, towards Pudong district

The head office of one of the banks in China

All the buildings in the fog are bank headquaters

The Oriental Pearl Tower, hidden in the fog

Spiderman scaled one of these buildings above, can you guess which one?

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