paradise 4 paws jfk pet terminal-NYC-Untapped CitiesImage via Paradise 4 Paws

In 2015, almost 70 years after the dawn of commercial air travel following World War II, airports are still the epitome of frustration and tediousness, second only to the state DMV. Long waiting lines, early mornings, and even later nights are what await passengers as soon as they check in. At least, that’s the case for human passengers. John F. Kennedy International Airport has recently announced its plan to built a $48 million pet terminal, called ‘The Ark at JFK,’ in an empty cargo building near its human terminal. It is set to open next year.


Letter box at the St. Regis Hotel. Image via Art Deco Mailboxes

The book Art Deco Mailboxes by Karen Greene and Lynne Lavelle is a wonderful survey of the iconic mailboxes installed in American buildings in early 20th cenetury. Seeing just one still extant in a building today is a treat, but viewing them all together gives a sense of the range of styles and how they reflected, in detail, the architectural prowess of the skyscrapers within which they were situated. As the book shows, the Art Deco mailboxes (also known as letter boxes) of this time period were also in residential buildings, offices, hotels and more, and many, polished daily, are still in use.

Working with the publisher W.W. Norton, we are able to share with you this sample of 14 beautiful letter boxes in New York City from the book Art Deco Mailboxes. Although we have focused on New York City for this piece, the book includes mailboxes from all the major American cities during this era including Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.


market diner-NYC-Untapped CIties4Jinwoo Chong for Untapped Cities

In an example of the perennial struggle of small businesses and traditions to withstand the bulldozer of Manhattan’s modernization, the Market Diner on West 43rd Street is set to be torn down to make way for a new 13-story multi-purpose building.


Surging Seas Maps-Climate Central-Flood-Sea Level Rise-Global Warming-Climate Change-NYC.22 AM

As seen on Gizmodo and Curbed NY the interactive “Surging Seas” maps by Climate Central depicts what New York City would look like if global temperatures rose 2 degrees by the end of the century. And for New York City, that’s not so promising. As you’ll see from these maps, more than waterfront condos getting flooded, much of the city’s major infrastructure will too from an approximately 20 foot sea level rise in this scenario.


North Brooklyn Farm-Farm on Kent-Domino Sugar Factory-Two Trees-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC_2

A farm and skate park are growing next to the former Domino Sugar Factory, a community partnership between Two Trees Management Company, the developers of the property and the neighborhood. We recently got a sneak peek inside, as North Brooklyn Farms (also casually known as the Farm on Kent) prepares to open this month.

Formerly located in a vacant lot across the street from the Domino plot, the community garden moved to be directly along the waterfront in May and plans to open later this month. They’re growing flowers and produce, all organic but none of which will be sold. Instead, they’ll be used for dinners to be hosted on site. How’s that for farm to table? From some of the picnic tables that are set up under string lights, you can literally reach over into the produce beds. A shipping container is also being converted into a mushroom farm.


thousandwonders.net rockefeller center-NYC-Untapped Cities30 Rockefeller Plaza. Image via thousandwonders.net

This 19 unit Art-Deco complex is one of New York’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year, it hosts the largest Christmas tree in the country, films a handful of national television’s most popular primetime talkshows as well as the 40 year-old ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and is probably the only New York landmark with a show, the Tina Fey creation ’30 Rock,’ named after its centerpiece, the GE Building. Rockefeller Center is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It draws millions at all times of the year and exemplifies the crossroads of entertainment, corporate America, retail, and tourism, that is the Big Apple. It was completed in 1939 and named for John D. Rockefeller Jr., the son of the Standard Oil Founder John D. Rockefeller Sr. Rockefeller Center is a high traffic Manhattan destination, and has its fair share of secrets intwining it firmly with the city’s history and character. Here are 10 that we found the most eye-catching: