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2-Port Morris Gantries IThe Port Morris Gantries in the Bronx as they sit abandoned today (pic via Friend of Brook Park)

Gantry cranes, utilized as slips for ships carrying both goods and people, were used throughout the 20th century. However, due to the growth of other forms of infrastructure–whether that be highways or bridges–they sat in disrepair from the 1960s and 1970s on. In the past few years we have seen a revival in efforts to restore these engineering giants, or at least to develop the area surrounding the gantries. They have anchored the creation of parks–lush green areas as a part of Bloomberg’s development efforts–to historical zone designation leading to development projects of the gantries and surrounding areas.


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New York City

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Guggenheim-under-construction-nycThe Guggenheim Museum under construction, via LOC.gov

Museums are lightning rods for criticism. The most public of all buildings, they’re also the most vulnerable, and even long-accepted classics faced scorn in their infancy. Today we’re taking a look at vintage photographs of New York City’s famous museums while under construction. It’s hard to believe now, but Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum endured fusillades of derision. Before it was finished in 1962 (six months after Wright’s death), it was called “the building that should be put in a museum to show how mad the 20th Century is.”


03/31/14 3:00pm

The Algonquin Hotel in New York City.

Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading today!

New York City

03/31/14 10:00am

1-Buvette Grove Street NYCBuvette, a restaurant on Grove Street (pic via MG and Company)

Greenwich Village is one of the most storied neighborhoods in Manhattan, and, due to the early creation of a historical district, well documented. We have already provided a history of the well known Macdougal Street–home to the beats and folk singers of the 1950s and ’60s–but now we will cover a lesser known street in the neighborhood, Grove Street. One of our favorite streets in the city, Grove is very short, covering only a span of 5 blocks. With Federal style structures it retains a very rustic and old world feel, complimented by sparsely dotted quintessential Village restaurants.  (more…)

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Queensway Rendering-High Line-Queens-NYC

Since late 2011, there has been much debate about what to do with the proposed QueensWay, a “Highline-style” park to be converted from the former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch. We explored the 3.5 mile stretch of abandoned railroad when the QueensWay plan was only just beginning to germinate. Now, we’re witnessing the emergence of full-fledged and plausible designs.