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The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, the site of No Longer Empty’s latest exhibition.

Built between 1905-1914, the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse at 878 Brook Street has been shuttered for the last 37 years. Now, it’s been reopened for the first time as part of No Longer Empty‘s series of public art programs in underutilized spaces. When You Cut Into the Present the Future Leaks Out brought together 26 artists from the Bronx and across New York to create site-specific work drawing inspiration from the structure, its history, and the surrounding neighborhood.


Grand Central Theatre-Lost-Secrets-NYC

Gothamist has a great post about the movie theater that was once in Grand Central Terminal–something we’ve covered before but they have nice vintage images and items in the post. Grand Central Theatre, opened in 1937 (possibly earlier), showing news reels, shorts and cartoons. The 242-seat theater operated for three decades and then was gutted for retail. Today it’s the Grande Harvest Wine shop next to Track 17, a previous tenant was a photo shop. Renovations to the terminal in the 1990s revealed the ceiling, that stylistically matches the one in the main terminal.


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On Tuesday, Untapped Cities and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) brought readers to the second installment of the Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series, into the raw spaces and the roof of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The tour was led by Dean Bodnar, Vice President of NYCEDC in charge of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The impressive 4 million square foot complex was designed at the end of World War I by Cass Gilbert, architect behind the Woolworth Building, U.S. Customs House and more.

Though it was decommissioned in 1964, the Brooklyn Army Terminal had ample activity to garner many fun facts and secrets, even as it has undergone a multi-decade renovation and reactivation under the leadership of the NYCEDC. Here are 10 secrets and fun facts about the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park that we learned on the tour:


Saving Place_MCNY_NYC_Untappd Cities_bhushan mondkar9

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the pioneering Landmarks Law in New York City, the Museum of the City of New York opened its newest exhibition,”Saving Place: 50 years of New York City Landmarks,” depicting events in the history of the city that follow the remarkable story of the birth and impact of the landmarks movement. Untapped Cities got a sneak preview of this exciting exhibition, which opened April 21st, with curator Donald Albrecht, co-curator Andrew Dolkart, consulting curator Seri Worden and the Director of the Museum of the City of New York, Susan Henshaw Jones.


Joralemon Street-MTA Ventilator-Fake Townhouse Brownstone-Brooklyn Heights-NYC-001This townhouse is not what it seems to be...

Brooklyn Heights is probably best known for its charming, tree-lined streets filled with 19th century mansions and churches. But the bucolic neighborhood boasts more than just cobblestone lanes and scenic views of Lower Manhattan. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City, it also has its fair share of stories and secrets.


Photos Views from 432 Park Avenue Skyscraper-Tallest Residential Tower-57th Street-Midtown-Storefront for Art and Architecture-NYC-003

Tonight, 432 Park Avenue will open its doors for its first public event ever for the Storefront for Art and Architecture 2015 Spring Benefit, TRANS, an auction and party. Storefront has shared with Untapped Cities photographs from inside the tower, in anticipation of tonight’s event (which will take place in the lobby, but have virtual reality tools to bring the experiences above down to attendees).