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The Frozen Bryant Park Fountain by fawn_nyc!

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Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King, Mayor Wagner NYC Untapped CitiesMayor Robert F. Wagner shakes hands with Coretta Scott King. Photo via the Library of Congress

Coretta Scott King called MLK Day “a people’s holiday,” but it’s hard to resist honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had some of his most important moments here in New York City.  Below we’ve summarized King’s relationship to New York in 10 vignettes.

1. Blumstein’s Department Store (1958)


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You may not have heard of Amadeus, but you’ve definitely used the company’s technology while searching for travel plans. Amadeus powers the booking engines of many of the world’s leading airlines and travel companies and now they’re providing these same technological tools directly to the consumer with the website Amadeus.net. Instead of the typical drop down search process, Amadeus lets you fill in the blanks with what you are looking for, just like writing a sentence. There are some neat tools, like semantic search, where you can fill in activities (like art, skiing or fooding), location and time of year and it will match with flight plans. It’s just in beta phase right now but there are hoping users like you can help test out the site.


nycminerals7Today, the “Subway Garnet” resides at the American Museum of Natural History

In 1885, a press sensation erupted over the discovery of the “Subway Garnet” or Kunz Garnet, as it is otherwise known, underground at West 35th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Eventually owned by the New York Mineralogical Club, the largest perfectly-formed mineral found in the United States was written up in many academic and industry publications. The size of a bowling ball, the Kunz Garnet weighs about 10 pounds with a diameter of roughly 15 inches. The New York Times wrote that it was the “city’s most spectacular mineral specimen.”


One of the best events of the year is the No Pants Subway Ride, which took place again yesterday afternoon. You can see photographs from previous year’s events here and here, where maybe the press got a little too involved. Here’s this year’s official video from the Improv Everywhere team who produces the event worldwide, and other fantastic pop-up pranks.


Health Care-Affordable Care Act-EmblemHealth-Sponsored Post-New York State-NYC

Last year, we showed readers how to get affordable health insurance in New York under the Affordable Care Act. This year, the same legislation introduced the Small Business Options Program (SHOP), known as the Small Business Marketplace in New York State. What this means it that if you’re a small business, you can offer coverage to your employees directly through the marketplace (and yourself as the business owner) with employer tax credits that aren’t offered through the individual exchange. Offering health insurance, especially affordable plans, is a great incentive to attract and retain employees in a competitive market.

For those looking for information, EmblemHealth has partnered with business organizations in New York City on an initiative to educate small business owners on SHOP and how it works. The Health Care Reform Hub, an online platform, offers everything a small business owner needs to know about SHOP. One of the many tools is a Tax Calculator to help business owners to check what tax credits their business might be eligible for.

Some points to keep in mind as you explore the options: