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I Quant NY has a new map, as quirky as always, looking at the distribution of parking tickets in New York City by state. Using the city’s Open Data, he uncovered that parking tickets are charged to residents in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico and eleven out of thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. Not surprisingly, New York state ranks #1 in terms of total fines, but you might not know that it accounts for over half a billion dollars. Following New York is New Jersey, Pennsylvania and then Connecticut. Ben Wellington, of I Quant NY, also notes that Canada contributes a little under a million dollars year.


190 Bowery Exterior-Abandoned-Graffiti First Show Last Show Vito Schnabel-NYCPhoto by frankwza for Untapped Cities/BigScreenNY Competition

An art show opening Saturday inside the elusive 190 Bowery building brings together what New Yorkers love best: abandoned/inaccessible buildings, street art (on the exterior), and art. The group exhibition, entitled , is presented by Vito Schnabel and Aby Rosen, the latter who bought the building last year. As Schabel writes in his invite (as seen on Lo Down NY), “I grew up in New York City, walking by the former Germania Bank countless times. I always wanted to go inside, thinking it might be a perfect place for an exhibition. This is the first time this 1899 landmark building will be open to the public since the bank closed in 1966 and it became a private residence.”


The S.S. Hangover sits alongside the Harlem Meer's Discovery Center

The S.S. Hangover sitting alongside the Harlem Meer’s Discovery Center

If you need another reason to visit Harlem this weekend besides the Eat Up FestivalCreative Time and Central Park Conservancy will be unveiling Drifting in Daylight aboard the aptly named S.S. Hangover on Friday, May 15th. The location of the six-week installation is meant to draw people to the northern end of Central Park, with a starting point at Fifth Avenue and 110th Street. It is also at the centerpiece of the Conservancy’s 35th Anniversary and to, as Creative Time writes, “tempt visitors to transcend their busy lives, losing themselves along a playful trail of sensory experiences.”


Radio Free Brooklyn-Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-BrooklynImage via Radio Free Brooklyn

Video supposedly killed the radio star back in the 80s’, but radio not only survived — it has thrived. In no place has that statement run truer than in Brooklyn. The Heritage Radio Network records and releases dozens of programs from inside recycled shipping containers, and now two guys in Brooklyn are starting their own radio network, to provide the artists that live in Brooklyn a place to express themselves and bring themselves, and the communities on which they reside closer together. (more…)

1970 new york knicks game madison square garden vintage untapped cities janos marton Source: knickerblogger.net

Fans of the woeful New York Knickerbockers haven’t had a lot to cheer for in recent years, or ever. But on May 8, 1970, an electric Madison Square Garden crowd saw the Knicks crush the Los Angeles Lakers to bring home their first NBA championship.

Coached by New York native Red Holzman, the Knicks resembled the current Golden State Warriors, dominating on the offensive end with their unselfish team play while holding down the league’s best defense. The team was led by Willis Reed, the best center in the league and the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1970, and Walt “Clyde” Frazier, nicknamed for his glamorous fashion style borrowed from Warren Beatty’s character in Bonnie and Clyde. The supporting cast included Dave DeBusschere, Cazzie Russell, and future U.S. Senator Bill Bradley. A key role player, though injured for this playoff run, was future legend of zen coaching, Phil Jackson. (more…)

Raging Bull-Untapped Cities-NYC-Boxing.png (763×467) - Google Chrome 572015 92904 PMRaging Bull (Screenshot via Empire)

Quite a bit of time has now passed since the 2015 version of the the “Fight of The Century,” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio. Fans waited six years to see who would be considered the best boxer of their generation, paying up to $100 dollars to see the two clash. For many, it was a disappointment: another missed opportunity for boxing to truly capture the culture which seems to have slipped away. Before UFC, politics and the lack of true starpower, boxing has a proud and storied history that can rival any sport. A lot of great moments have happened here in New York City, where legends of the sport carved their name in history and battled with their fellow warriors for supremacy in the ring. To celebrate the sport of boxing, we have listed ten of the most important moments in NYC boxing history.