wearing his heart on his sleeve

I’ve written a lot about my love for all-black outfits that feature some kind of eye-popping accent. Shadowy clothes with a weird detail say, “I can’t be bothered to think about colors but you’d better not think I’m boring,” or “I’m dark, but not that depressing.” Sometimes the detail remains hidden until you’ve had the chance to look for it, but sometimes it’s the most noticeable thing in your field of vision. (more…)

Nicholas Holiber-Untapped Cities-Tribeca Park-Art-NYCHead of Goliath (Image via Nicolas Holiber)

This face is kind of terrifying, but that’s what makes it so appealing to the eye. Brooklyn artist Nicolas Holiber has built this four-feet-long monster out of trash, and it now sits in Tribeca Park. This sculpture took Holiber a month to build —  he spent almost every waking hour creating this four foot tall piece, in his studio, which he told us via e-mail is “only about 150 square feet.” He documented the entire expierence on Instagram, showing progress from idea to reality. Besides the materials in his studio and throughout his travels, other parts of the “Head of Goliath”  come from NYC street artist Hanksy’s last show Best of The Worst. (more…)

Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-Heritage Radio NetworkImage via Drive The District

The Heritage Radio Network, a non-profit organization that focuses entirely on food cultue, records and has its offices inside recycled shipping containers in the backyard of Roberta’s pizza in Bushwick. According to Forbes, we learned that the network releases “40 shows a week” and has “a log of 7,000 episodes.” The network is live Monday through Thursday, and features founder Patrick Martins  conversating with both professionals and enthusiasts about “archiving, protecting, and advancing” the conversation of food in America. (more…)


Exhibit of Donatello’s works on loan from the Duomo Museum in Florence, Italy

The Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA) is celebrating their tenth anniversary season in grand style. They have brought us an exceptional exhibit of early Florentine Renaissance sculptures that have rarely been seen outside Italy.  Sculpture in the Age of Donatello is an exhibit of twenty-three pieces by Donatello, Brunelleschi, Nanni di Banco and Luca delia Robbia (and others), created in the early 15th century. (more…)

Castello-Plan-New-Amsterdam-NYCThe Castello Plan of New Amsterdam, via Wikimedia Commons

On May 4, 1626, Peter Minuit arrived in New Amsterdam as the new director from the Dutch West India Company. Minuit was in his early 30s, and had been sent to diversify the trade coming out of New Netherland, then almost exclusively animal pelts. Minuit means “midnight” in Dutch, so if you prefer to think of Manhattan’s purchaser as “Peter Midnight,” go for it. (more…)

Rent-Broadway-Untapped Cities-NYC“Rent” Original Cast (Image via Emertainment Monthly)

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything  is a weekly podcast whose eponymous host tries to connect people and events together, around a certain topic. For the past three weeks, Walker has focused his show on life in New York City. The series, New York After Rent is made up of three parts, and its a mixture of recorded interviews, live performances and readings from people living in NYC before, during and after the final performance of the Broadway musical Rent. It’s not only just about life in NYC post-Rent, the three part series is also a look into the ever changing identity of NYC and the use of it’s space. (more…)