dumbo bouldering-brooklyn bridge park-nyc-untapped citiesImage via Brooklyn Bridge Parents

The weather is finally warming up in New York City and with the sunshine and warmth come all the fun outdoor activities. Last Saturday April 19th, the outdoor bouldering facility DUMBO Boulders opened in the north end of Brooklyn Bridge Park on the DUMBO waterfront. So, to test out this new addition to the park, we went and tried it ourselves. (more…)

nyc-vintage-barber-shop-paul-moleImage via fashioniq

In recent years, vintage barber shops are making a comeback in New York City. The new generation of barber shops offer high quality cuts using traditional techniques and fancy products, but more often than not come with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, many of these aspire to evoke a sense of the classic, old-world charm that still exists in the city. Some of these businesses are still going strong, but many are threatened by dwindling customers and gentrification. As a nod to those who have inspired the new breed of barbershops, here are 10 authentic vintage barber shops that have been serving customers for at least 50 years, and counting. (more…)

jungle-ized-times square-nyc-untapped citiesNegative function part of the experience. Image via Times Square Arts

Celebrate Earth Month in Times Square by participating in an interactive sonic visual art installation, called JUNGLE-IZED, a presentation by the Soundwalk Collective and David de Rothschild. As part of Midnight Moment, a monthly presentation by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, each night from 11:57pm to midnight, the electronic billboards will show JUNGLE-IZED the video directed by Stephan Crasneanscki, revealing the hidden energy that exists in one the most biodiverse environments in the world, brining the animals, the air, the trees and the inhabitants of the Amazon to New York City.  (more…)

Mastodon fossil Untapped Cities

Some people might say New York City has a hard time holding on to its past, and it’s not just classic architecture and cool dive bars that disappear without a trace. Fossils, too, are easily lost beneath the city streets. Thousands of years ago, prehistoric animals roamed the area, including the mighty mastodon (Mammut americanum), an ancient animal with an outsized presence and huge historical significance.  (more…)

jose parla-mural-one world trade center-nyc-untapped citiesImage via Traffic Creative Management

As we’ve learned, the art scene in New York City is varied, meaning it’s not restricted solely to institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MoMa. We’ve covered everything from street art, subway art, to artist occupations and squats. The city has turned into an exhibition space and next on the list are corporate lobbies. While displaying works in corporate lobbies may seem like an afterthought in attempts to liven up the dreary atmosphere, many of them actually have quite a robust collection of art work, ranging from paintings to sculptures and installations. Here are 10 lobbies in Manhattan with artworks open completely to the public. So the next time you pass by one if these buildings, walk in and take a look.  (more…)

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