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7f06f780a58fd723888b9d2253f0e855Chuck Jones Exhibit Promotional Art (Image via Museum of The Moving Image)

This Saturday, make sure you take that left turn at Albuquerque and head to Astoria’s Museum of The Moving Image for their newest exhibit on the life, and art of Chuck Jones. The exhibit, which runs until January 19th, 2015, is a partnership between the MOMI, The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences and The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. NYC has the honor of being the first of fourteen cities to host the exhibition.

Born Charles Martin Jones, the artist and animation director is behind some of the most iconic animated short films in the medium’s history. From his time in “Termite Terrace” to bringing Dr. Seuss’s vision to animated life. David Schwartz,the Chief Curator of the MOMI, who curated this exhibition along with the Museums Curator of The Collections and Exhibitions Barbara Miller, speaks about Jones’s influence; “Chuck Jones is one of the enduring geniuses of American comedy, as accomplished in the art of animation as his hero Mark Twain was in literature.” It is not an outrageous comparison for Jones, much like Twain, is highly respected by his peers and fans for furthering the timeless quality of his art-form; he is responsible for entertaining countless children (and adults) both in theaters and on television for decades, and Jones has helped his platform live on by inspiring future generations of animators. (more…)

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Source:  New York Historical Society

Source: New York Historical Society

Originally built in 1883-84, this Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival structure was designed by architects Lamb & Rich at a time when Harlem was a suburb and 81 East 125th Street was conveniently located next to a ground-level Metro Station.  The main floors were occupied by the Mount Morris Bank and Safe Deposit Company, with luxury apartments on the floors above.  The structure had three arched entrances.  One used for the apartments, one for the lower-level bank vault and a grand entrance to the main level of the bank.  In 1913, the Mount Morris Bank became a branch of the Corn Exchange Bank.


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Cooper Hewitt Museum-NYC

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Before the world ever heard of Special Agent Jack Bauer, NYPD Lieutenant John McClane was the one causing countless dollars in property damage and killing terrorists. To our count, there are now two trilogies worth of Die Hard movies and if you ask us, there should have been only one Die Hard movie. However, we are in the middle of summer movie season, and the third entry in the franchise Die Hard with A Vengeance is set in McClane’s home, NYC. So shut your brain off for a little bit (we sure did watching it) and enjoy this list of NYC Film Locations for Die Hard with A Vengeance. (more…)

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Inside the Hallet Sanctuary in Central Park

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