04/02/14 9:00am

egg-downtown-battery-park-new-yorkJoyce J. Scott’s Egg, #87

Untapped Cities favors the historic and authentic, but we always love public art, no matter who’s behind it. Fabergé, the once legendary house of makers of jeweled eggs and trinkets, is now a private firm pushing its way back into the consumer awareness bubble. With the help of a few charities–and a few hundred designers–they’ve laid more eggs in New York City than this year’s Knicks. Meet the 275+ spheroids of #thebigegghunt.


04/01/14 2:00pm

Amar Steward Notorious BIG and Tupac paintings NYC Untapped Cities

British artist Amar Stewart is the man behind the amazing paintings of NYC’s most important MC’s in the guise of 17th century Dutch royals and noblemen. Hailing from London, Stewart came to NYC to do a month-long residency at Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg. We met up with Stewart in Bushwick to chat about his inspiration, the New York vs. London art scene, and his upcoming show in San Francisco.

Can you tell us about your inspiration, first of all? We’ve obviously read that you’re inspired by Frans Hals’ portraits in the Met, but are there other artists or art forms that inspire you?

Yeah, definitely ‘cause I only discovered Frans Hals about two years ago, and it was my fiancée that introduced me to his work. I’d heard of it, I’d probably seen a little bit of it, but I never really paid much attention to it. I think because for so many years I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my art, so I was looking at graffiti artists, illustrators, designers, all sorts of creative people in different genres, which I don’t think was a bad thing. I was looking at them all, and I guess because of that I was inspired by so many people. A lot of the works were different mediums, even, like digital or illustrations to chalk works, to aerosol, murals and whatnot.  (more…)

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telescope cards-fun maps-untapped cities-nycPhoto via Twitter user @Rue_Gabrielle

On your next trip abroad, or even in your own backyard, these pocket city guides by Telescope Cards provide a small local map right in the palm of your hands. There’s no longer a need to fumble through pins on an electronic map when you can have your own collection of cards with your favorite locations to help you plan impromptu trips from your assorted choices. Using this interactive site, you can even link it to your Foursquare “To-Do” list and finally get to those authentic international restaurants you wanted to try or remember where all those quirky specialty shops are located.  (more…)

03/31/14 1:00pm

The Players Club will be transformed into an interactive theater piece this weekend

March is ending, April is beginning, but we hope it’ll actually be warm soon. Here are our curated events picks for this week:

Monday, March 31st

The people over at POGO Events want to make speed dating a little more interesting. Single folks can come to the The Brooklyn Strategist located on Court Street for Speed Dating with Board Games. There will be three games available to play (Scrabble, Pictionary and Charades) with each game lasting fifteenth minutes. So have your game face on—not too hard, you do want to impress—and come check out this fun event on Monday.

Award winning writer Gary Shteyngart is releasing his newest book, a memoir called Little Failureabout his immigrant experience in The United States, coming from Soviet Russia. He will be at The Tenement Museum on the LES discussing how he balances both worlds with Pulitzer Prize nominated author Suketu Mehta. (more…)

03/31/14 12:00pm

Red room secret bar above KGB NYC Untapped Cities

There’s nothing secret about KGB Bar, the Soviet-inspired literary outpost in the East Village. Writers—both esteemed and unknown—have been doing readings there for twenty years. But the Red Room above KGB, which traces its roots back to Prohibition, is another story.

Outside on the street, a neon sign announces KGB, but there’s no indication of the Red Room. The building on East 4th Street that houses both bars, as well as the Kraine Theater, was originally a tenement building. In the 1950s and ’60s, the Ukranian Labor Home, a social club for Ukranian socialists, occupied the building. They hosted banquets on the first floor and operated their own private speakeasy on the second floor. But before the Ukranian Labor Home bought the building in 1948, notorious gangster Lucky Luciano ran a speakeasy called the Palm Court there.  (more…)

03/30/14 11:00am


alternate title: Some Velvet Midtown

Midtown Manhattan is not the most interesting place in New York for fashion. Or for food. Or for much of anything, really. However, if you spend a lot of time there you’re bound to see some stylishly-dressed people hidden amid all the map-clutching tourists shuffling out of Penn Station, and the sea of navy blue suits hustling back to the office after a quick lunch at Au Bon Pain. I’m a Midtown office person and this is my life.  (more…)