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At one point in our lives we’ve all imagined what it would be like to live like James Bond. Handsome, smooth, falling for women with ridiculous names. Traveling the world wearing those expensive suits, drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred), and driving a classic Aston Martin. Not to mention, getting to use all those inventive gadgets made by his friend Q, before all of his adventures. Inside a small shop in the West Village, Spy Shop Inc. they can’t get you an exploding pen or rocket shoes, but they can help you get equipment for the spy in all of us.  (more…)


Before the term was hijacked by the far right-wing, the Boston Tea Party was beloved as one of the iconic events in American history. Even at the time, it was so inspiring that New York got in on the act. On April 22, 1774, New York rebels dumped 18 chests of tea into the Hudson River, pushing the country ever closer to revolution.


JR Flatiron Pasting-Giant Man Walking-NYC

On the cover of this special new issue of The New York Times Magazine is a massive JR street art piece on the pedestrianized Flatiron Plaza next to Madison Square Park photographed from a helicopter. The wheat pasted image of a man (recent Brooklyn immigrant Elmar Aliyev from Azerbaijan) walking, made of 62 large strips of printed paper, was tweeted out by Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of the magazine, this morning.


Sebastian Masuda Time After Time Capsule Hello Kitty sculpture Dag Hammarskjold Plaza NYC Plaza

Hello Kitty (or Pop Art) lovers rejoice! A 9-foot Hello Kitty Time Capsule is coming to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (a public space familiar to large scale art) from April 29th to September 13th, a project by Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda. Called the “Time After Time Capsule,” the translucent sculpture will collect people’s memories, termed “kawaii,” which Masuda describes as “objects and feelings uniquely personalized by each individual. Kawaii is what you make of it. Bringing the sculptures together into a greater whole, as intended with this project, we hope to create a treasure trove of your cherished items and store them in these larger-than-life time capsules.” In fact, the time capsules will be installed in numerous cities over the next five years and displayed as one massive sculpture at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Bushwick Collective, Troutman Street, Brooklyn 3

We’ve been following the development of Sketchfab for a while, a YouTube of sorts for 3D objects (they were even nice enough to 3D scan the Untapped Cities team in December). We’ve also been noticing a good number of 3D street art scans pop up in the database, particularly in New York City, which is a great addition to Sketchfab’s existing institutional partnerships with museums like Cooper-Hewitt and British Museum to 3D scan their collections.

What makes the Sketchfab scans unique to say, the Google Street Art Project is the ability to see how street art is applied and adapted to the three-dimensional street. The collection in New York City highlights the Bushwick Collective‘s work in Brooklyn along with some other pieces like one of Karl Lagerfeld.


Hermione-Lafayette Replica-France-US-NYCPhoto via Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America

In this week’s New York City events picks, we selected the Hermione Project Lafayette, a play at the French Institute Alliance Francaise about the young Marquis de Lafayette who sailed to America at age 19 as a volunteer soldier and became the youngest general in George Washington’s army. The play is actually part of a larger celebration and feat–a recreation of the 18th century ship, the Hermione, that brought Lafayette over with French troops to support the American Revolution in 1780. The frigate, built by hand off plans from the Hermione’s sister ship, departed this past Saturday from Rochefort France for Yorktown, Virginia where it is expected to land on June 5th. It will sail up and down the east coast and Canada stopping at ports of call and will arrive to New York for the American Independence Day, July 2nd to 4th where there will be a harbor parade for it.