02/27/14 2:00pm

Last week, we served up a cozy collection of NYC tea rooms and boutiques. However, since these ten stores barely scratch the surface of New York’s tea scene, we’re offering up more selections based on user-submitted recommendations! Here are six additional tea rooms you don’t want to miss.

1. Alice’s Teacup  

Alices-Tea-Cup-NYCImage via Flickr user Transparent Reality

Conveniently located in three different neighborhoods across Manhattan, Alice’s Teacup is a tasty brunch destination and a favorite among kids. This Alice in Wonderland-themed café is renowned not only for its tea, but also for its variety of scones. Alice’s features an all-day menu, gift boxes, and custom cakes. The tea menu is helpful and descriptive, with details about flavor and origin. Alice’s can get quickly swamped with families, so definitely make a reservation if you plan on stopping by. Submitted by @audreyhawkins(more…)

02/21/14 10:00am

It’s easy to find awesome coffee shops in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. Tea shops, however, are a bit more obscure and difficult to stumble upon. We’ve rounded up some great tea rooms in New York that are ideal for either lounging, tasting, purchasing loose-leaf, or simply taking an afternoon teatime break. Not only are the teas stellar in these 10 shops, but they’re worth a trip for their atmosphere!

1. Press Tea


The West Village is filled with notable tea shops, most of them within a four-block radius of each other. At the heart of them all is Press Tea: your classic New York coffee-shop but with a tea emphasis. Unlike other tea rooms and storefronts, this is a great café for getting work done. Press Tea is sun-soaked and warm, thanks to the large windows, and there is ample seating, plus an inviting couch. If you’re not already intrigued, the intricate teapot display in the windows is sure to draw you inside.  (more…)

02/21/14 9:00am

Pugsleys Pizza-Pizza-Bronx-Untapped Cities-Christopher Inoa-Food-NYC-001Pugsley’s Pizza (Flickr photo via Jeffrey Tastes)

Pizza is more than just food for New Yorkers. It’s almost a religion. The next time you’re out in the city with friends, or find yourself unable to come up with a topic of conversation during a party, ask your fellow New Yorkers which borough or specific shop has the best pizza in NYC and arguments will start immediately.

New Yorkers are loyal to their pizza shops. Some have been going to the same pizza shop for years and while franchises like Little Caesar’s have been seen more frequently lately, what they call pizza pales in comparison to a good old fashioned slice of NY pizza. While each borough has their own unique and respectable pizza shops, one that Fordham University students and the few in the know will stand behind is Pugsley’s Pizza in the Bronx. (more…)

02/19/14 11:00am

With over 18,000 alcohol-serving establishments spread throughout the five boroughs, New York City is regularly in a state of good ol’ drunken merrymaking. Still, many of these locales may be just a bit too banal for the average bar hopper. Why sip at the ordinary surface-planted saloon, when you can go to a discreet subterranean spot?! For those who just imagined themselves bragging about their experience with the latter, here are 10 subterranean bars and lounges to satisfy the underground explorer within you!

1. Little Branch, 22 7th Ave South

little branch-west village-underground bars-manhattan-new york-untapped cities-brennan ortizGuests delighting by the bar counter at Little Branch. Photo via My Odyssey Years.


02/19/14 9:00am

Map of Rats in NYC Restaurants Untapped CitiesMap of percentage of restaurants with Rat infestations in NYC. Screenshot from Gothamist

We have already shown you where to find the most rats in New York City and even the location of sculpted rats (they are at the Graybar Building at Grand Central), and now the most recent map we will share shows you the percentage of restaurants in each NYC neighborhood with rats.  (more…)