Source:  Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

 In a city with so many wonderful bakeries, we thought it might be fun to explore some of the oldest, especially while we’re in the midst of National “Eat Dessert First” Month in August. All of these bakeries date from 1892 to 1904, located in Little Italy, East Village, Yorkville and Carroll Gardens. (more…)


If you’re looking to expand your agricultural horizons, you might want to start looking up. Rooftop farms are more than simply a creative solution to local farming in otherwise inhospitable environments, they have become the cornerstone of an increasingly prominent wave of urban agriculture. With ground space a premium in North America’s densest metropolis, New York has positioned itself as a ripe hotbed for the implementation of such developments. Below, we showcase seven of the more notable institutions in the area, with several more to develop in the years to come.


[Update: Photos from this year's dinner at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in Battery Park!]

We recently covered six of our favorite secret supper clubs in New York City, but in terms of large scale dinner parties, nothing quite tops the pop-up Dîner en Blanc. Readers of Untapped Cities over the years know that we’ve been covering the flash mob white dinner since 2010 in Paris and our founder Michelle Young has been involved in the leadership of of the New York City dinners since its inception. Last year, 4,000 guests flooded Bryant Park for a stylish affair, the year before 3,000 took over Lincoln Center. This year, the dinner returns to a secret location on Monday, August 25th for approximately 4,000 people again.


Smile of the Beyond-Queens-Parsons Boulevard-Queens-NYCImage via Smile of the Beyond

Smile of the Beyond is one of NYC’s best kept culinary secrets. Tucked away deep in eastern Queens, this vegan-friendly eatery has been serving local residents for a whopping 42 years. It has remained largely “untapped” due to its less accessible locale in Briarwood. Yet where else in the city can you be served in a deliberately peaceful atmosphere by the disciples of a legendary spiritual teacher? The answer is nowhere, in NYC at least. We’ll give you scoop on this unique eating spot as well as its unique staff, who also offer a free intro meditation course with your meal.


IMG_1308Mike’s Coffee Shop. Image via Flickr: JSsocal

There are few things as characteristic of New York City as the luncheonette. These small, informal dining spaces used to dot the urban landscape as much as Starbucks does today.  Although their cheap meals and neighborhood-friendly atmosphere are now far and few between, we’ve compiled this list of the best luncheonettes still in operation. So, in no particular order, here are our picks of the eight best luncheonettes in NYC that are still serving up great grub at good prices.


Brooklyn Supper Club in a dumpster NYC’s Secret Supper Clubs New York City Untapped Cities Sabrina RomanoSalvage Supper Club in Williamsburg. Image via Grub Street.

In the past, an invitation to a supper club would bring thoughts of middle-aged women having a potluck dinner and detailing the neighborhood gossip. But New York City has brought supper clubs to a whole new innovative and quirky level. Here, we’ve rounded up 6 of the most unique secret supper clubs, rated more for their usage of clever covert locations than on the exclusivity of an invitation. These range from dinners in reclaimed dumpsters, to private homes to helipads.