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Some things are better when they’re new but most things just have that irreplaceable charm when they’re old, like these classic New York City butcher shops. NYC was once filled with meat markets on almost every corner, however, today only a handful remain and we’re lucky that they do. With authentic butchery techniques that are more than half a century old, quality meats and shop locations around the boroughs, there is no doubt that New Yorkers are continuing to support family owned businesses.


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Distilling in New York City has been going on since Europeans first arrived in the 1700s and after a big roadblock has finally continued to grow from there. In fact, the first distillery in the US was in Staten Island. However, on October 28th 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act or “The National Prohibition Act.” This law effectively made it illegal to produce, transport, buy or sell alcohol in the United States. This obviously put a chilling effect on the distilling of quality liquors all across the country. There was scarcely a trace of a distilling community in NYC until circa 2010, when a new boom in urban living sparked the start of a distillery revolution in North and Central Brooklyn.

Here are a few distilleries to check out in everyone’s favorite boroughs. Cheers! (more…)

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Jamaican jerk chicken, Chinese stewed beef pulled noodles, Ukrainian borscht – a trip along the BQ and N subway lines in Brooklyn is an international culinary adventure. Nicknamed the “Brooklyn Horseshoe,” the subway lines traverse a chain of neighborhoods with extremely high immigrant concentration and diversity. (more…)


Nathan’s Famous has been “more than just the best hot dog” since 1916. In fact, the Coney Island-based chain is one of the original fast-food restaurants. The products are available in all 50 states, and around the world from Egypt to Malaysia. But beyond its delicious sausages and huge impact lies a rich untapped history.

Read more below and join us for our next tour of the Secrets of Coney Island, where you’ll learn about the secrets of not just Nathan’s but the fascinating, lesser known history of the entire area:


The interior of Chikarashi. Photo by Selwyn Chan

Nestled between East Canal Jewelry Inc. and a multi-use building in Chinatown, is Chikarashi, a new Japanese-style poké sushi bowl restaurant at 227 Canal Street. Prior to 2016, the building maintained a number of identities. Before it was Chikarashi, the store sold knockoff designer bags. Now, Jonathan Chu, part of Chu Enterprises, is ready to bring new life to Chinatown. Chu was involved in other projects in the Chinatown neighborhood, including the transformation of 50 Bowery into a luxury hotel and the restoration of the historical Tuxedo Restaurant on Doyers Street.


New Taste of the UWS will be held the evenings of June 3-4 on Columbus Ave between 76th & 77th Streets.

New Taste of the UWS will be held the evenings of June 3-4 on Columbus Ave between 76th & 77th Streets.

Every spring the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District hosts a food festival celebrating the Upper West Side’s best and most patriotic neighborhood restaurants, which contribute their food and labor stylishly and generously for the betterment of the neighborhood. There’s no more efficient way than New Taste to learn where to eat and have fun on the UWS.